‘Overwatch’ Latest Event Rages Fans With Mei's New Waist, Blizzard Entertainment Responds

‘Overwatch’ Latest Event Rages Fans With Mei's New Waist, Blizzard Entertainment Responds
The latest Year of the Rooster event for "Overwatch" has placed Mei yet again under the spotlight after a new glitch has gotten fans to raise their eyebrows. Photo : PCGamesN/YouTube

The Year of the Rooster in-game event for “Overwatch” just went live and is full of surprises. Apparently, one of the surprises is another glitch with Mei that players have noticed. It seems like with Mei’s new themed skins, she has gotten a tinier waist, which has brought in negative feedback from the players and Blizzard Entertainment responded as soon as possible.

Somehow, “Overwatch” ice queen hero Mei has gotten herself into the limelight once again when fans have taken notice what might be another bug affecting her. Some players all over the world have raised their pitchforks as they pointed out that Mei gets skinnier, specifically with a tinier waist, whenever she puts on her Year of the Rooster themed skins. It was too big of an issue for the people, probably blown out of proportion that Blizzard Entertainment had to address the concerns immediately.

Blizzard Entertainment has responded as usual in the quick and effective manner that they are known for when it comes to addressing complaints from their fans and loyal players. The said “Overwatch” has explained that they had no idea about Mei getting tinier waists with her Year of the Rooster themed skins and it was entirely unintentional. They confirmed that it was indeed a bug with Mei’s two themed skins and further pointed out that the studio that is responsible for designing the heroes are on the problem and working on to make an update to remedy this glitch they called as soon as possible.

Mei’s latest Year of the Rooster themed skins in “Overwatch” came in two different color schemes and designs, which Blizzard Entertainment have named the Luna skin and Chang’e skins. The skins really looked great and the developers went out of their way to put justice to her new skins, probably to make up to and fend off any complaints they received for Mei during the recent Winter Wonderland in-game event during the Christmas season. Mei’s Chang'e skin is in a combined scheme made up of white, lavender, and gold colors, while the Luna skin is the red and gold combination that Blizzard Entertainment used and showed in their promotional material to announced and confirm the Year of the Rooster event.

The outrage that had to do with Mei’s tiny waist glitch had nothing to with people body shaming her or even ridiculing that Mei lost weight just for the Year of the Rooster event. “Overwatch” players pointed out the bug for slimming Mei’s waist is too noticeable that when zooming on it, it looked like a huge chunk of her waist was cropped out. Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that the bug has been fixed internally but in order to bring back Mei’s old body, or in other word fixing the said bug, they will need to roll out another patch to update the game.

“Overwatch” Year of the Rooster event have tons of new things to collect. It included new skins, sprays, avatars, voice lines, highlights, and even a new Capture the Flag mode. The said “Overwatch” event that celebrates the up and coming Chinese New Year will run until Feb. 13 only.

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