‘Overwatch’ Players Disappointed With Capture The Flag Mode As They Find Glitch In Achievements

Blizzard Entertainment just rolled out their latest event that celebrates this year’s Chinese New Year. But despite the said Year of the Rooster event having lots of new things to try out, there are some downsides noticed. Apparently, the latest in-game event turns out to have a bug regarding its new Capture the Flag mode.

Blizzard Entertainment just recently made live their latest in-game event for “Overwatch”, which is called the Year of the Rooster event. The special annual event houses limited skins for certain heroes, various sprays, voice lines, emotes, player avatars, and even a new mode called Capture The Rooster. The said new mode is just the same as Capture the Flag but was aptly renamed for this event. It goes by the same mechanics wherein players have to nab the other team’s flag and bring it to their own turf while defending their own flag from the opposing team.

Avid players of the “Overwatch” video game were highly anticipating the said mode and needless to say, everyone tried it out as soon as it was made available. But it seems like that despite that it took a while for Blizzard Entertainment to release the Capture the Rooster mode, there are still some glitches that they did not expect. It turns out that the latest complaints that the developers have been receiving had something to do with players not getting the achievements they are entitled to after finishing one game of the certain mode.

Countless players have been complaining and pointing out that the “Overwatch” system somehow randomly just doesn’t give out the achievements that are due to them after the game. The said glitch has been noticed since the Year of the Rooster event was rolled out and Dave Adams, the principal designer for the developer company, has responded to the complaints and said that Blizzard Entertainment is currently looking into the problem but has not yet gotten back with an explanation or remedy. Hopefully, the said bug will be fixed as soon as possible since a lot of players have voiced out their disappointment, opting to not play the mode anymore, even when the said Chinese New Year event for “Overwatch” will only run for a limited time.

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