WhatsApp Might Finally Let Us Edit And Delete Sent Messages

How to Delete Chat History on Android WhatsApp
Although is not known when these features would be available, it is expected that deleting and editing messages in WhatsApp would excel the user's experience, since it would avoid uncomfortable situations. Photo : Android Recovery/YouTube

Let´s face it: one of the worst details about WhatsApp was that users were unable to edit or delete sent messages, which is something that almost every single messaging service offers, being quite efficient to avoid different bitter situations with the person you´re chatting with. In fact, this has been one of the main issues with WhatsApp, which has been nicknamed as the relationship breaker, but new moves from this social media will finally give the users some measures to avoid inconveniences like an incredible spelling error or a message sent to the wrong person.

You Can Edit Or Delete The Messages Only If The Receiver Hasn't Read It

Apparently, this will be an outstanding feature that is still in the beta testing, which joins the recently unveiled "Live Location" contact-tracking as potential features that might be included in a future app update both for iOS and Android. Naturally, this represents a great move from WhatsApp in order to excel the users´ experience and increase its popularity, in a time in which the company has increased its numbers and positioned among the most important social medias right now.

The edit and delete options in this feature will be called "revoke" and "edit", which will finally solve one of the main issues of WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the big problem about these new options is that deleting a message will alert the recipient by replacing the text with a phrase that sais "sender revoked the message." As you might think, this will actually create a huge problem from which you won´t be able to explain your way out, but at least is not as critical as sending a message and eventually discover that this wasn't received by the person you wanted to. Trust me, nothing is worse than that.

The other bad detail about the possibility of finally deleting messages in WhatsApp is that this new feature won´t work with anything sent in error, which means that these kinds of messages will only delete from your account, but will remain in the chat of the contact or the group you sent it to. Also, another highly important thing about deleting the message from WhatsApp is that this would be impossible if it was already read by the receiver.

This Feature Would Set A Turning Point In WhatsApp

Although it´s known that these new features will be available for iOS, what remains unknown is if it would be also available for Android, which would definitely increase WhatsApp popularity by large. Also, this is the situation with the Live Location feature, which might be a cornerstone for WhatsApp´s possibly new success if it manages to be available for every smartphone user.

As you can imagine it, being able to delete and edit the messages sent in WhatsApp would represent something even more outstanding than the addition of Video Calling in late 2016, which has been the greatest feature ever released by this social media so far. Of course, this would set a turning point in which WhatsApp will increase its major role in the market, and the users would have more chances of not getting into troubles because of a wrong message.

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