Pokemon Go Valentines Day Guide: How To Make The Most Out Of The Event

Niantic finally drops Pokemon Go's brand new event dedicated to the upcoming Valentine's Day. The said event was previously being leaked by several players. 

For the couples, it would be a great week to spend their time together catching these adorable creatures outside and even hatching cuter Baby Pokemon together. On the other hand, every in-game event is time-exclusive. That means they are only accessible for a limited time only. As a result, players are highly suggested to make the most out of the event while it is still live.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are lots of ways on taking advantage of the new event. One of which is doing the mass evolution trick while on a lucky egg and grind more common spawns like Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle, and Caterpie. In that way, a massive amount of XP will be acquired. Furthermore, the effect of Lure Modules has been increased, which now lasts for 6 hours. As a result, the rate of catching more Pokemon is now amplified.

On the other hand, it is a great time for players who love catching pink-shaded Pokemon such as Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Chansey or even Porygon since their spawn rates are now increased. Meanwhile, hardcore players can catch a bunch of Chanseys and set them as Buddy Pokemon to earn many candies as they want. As reported earlier, Chansey is considered as one of the decent gym defenders especially when Gen 2 patch arrives. Thus, the new Valentine's Day event is a great avenue to catch this adorable creature.

Lastly, the number of candies received for Buddy Pokemon is now doubled. Players are suggested to start walking with their desired Pokemon to earn double candies to help get the required candies for evolution. Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event will run from Feb. 8 until Feb. 15, 2017 at 11 am PT.


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