Valve Not Interested In Making Console Games

Valve is the studio responsible for titles like Portal and Half-Life, and the developers are also the guys behind Steam. Valve head Gabe Newell talks about his company, and reveals that they don't plan on working on any more console games - just PC.

Valve Vs. Consoles

Eurogamer reports that one of the main reasons that Newell has decided to steer clear of console games because he doesn't like working in "walled gardens." As it turns out, a lot of delays can come from third-party companies when it comes to working on games, and with PC, Valve can immediately put up updates and patches whenever there's a problem.

Newell says, "There have been cases where we've updated products 5-6 times in a day. When we did the original iOS [release] of Steam App, right, we shipped it, we got a whole bunch of feedback and like the next day, we're ready to do an update. We weren't able to get that update out for six months! And we couldn't find out why they wouldn't release it! They wouldn't tell us."

The process was apparently unnerving to the developers at Valve, so now they think it's just better that they stick to a platform that they can operate a bit more freely. Gaming Bolt has pointed out that some fans would complain about Valve's decision to stick to PC, but console versions of their games don't really hold up in the long run.

VR Games From Valve

As of now, Valve is working on three VR titles, and he doesn't mean a short minigame like The Lab. Valve is working on three full games for the VR, and knowing how popular Valve games can get, a full VR game from the company is sure to bring the entire VR genre over its head. Newell has also commented that he's aware that VR could be a passing fad, but he has faith that the hardware quality will make a "massive leap" in the next couple of years.

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