'Fire Emblem Heroes': In-Depth Guide To Beating The Game

Fire Emblem fans out there were so excited about the game's release in mobile. but some who are not familiar with the game are quite left out. This article will surely help those newbies grind up and be the best amongst the others.

Always Redeem Your Rewards

The first thing to take note as newbies, ALWAYS REDEEM YOUR REWARDS. One of the most forgotten things do after being too excited to play. Make sure that every day checks the home screen and claim all the rewards that were earned. These are common things that should be taken note of and should not be explained any further. An owl in the top right part of the screen will provide players gifts from Nintendo after connecting their Nintendo account. Also, some heroes on the home screen will appear to have some pink hearts above their heads, by clicking those hearts players will be able to receive hero feathers also take note to check this every time after finishing missions due to the fact that they also give additional loots.

Upgrade Your Heroes - "Tap Level Up"

Upgrading heroes regularly are one of the best things to do to get stronger in Fire Emblem. Those additional loots collected can be used to upgrade heroes. Select allies menu then click on the words that say "Tap level up", the shards that were collected will be spent to upgrade the heroes. Upgrade all selected characters as long as they are below level 20, after leveling the heroes gather crystals from high-level training tower, or gather feathers to boost owned heroes. With this method and also by beating enemies, players can also obtain SP that can sooner be used to acquire new skill sets for the team. Click on the skills menu on the allies tab to see what are the available skills that can be used. Castles and barracks can also be upgraded using orbs that can be found on shop menu upgrading these can grant an experience boost and will allow players to add more characters that can be used in fighting.

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