Fire Emblem Heroes To Get These Four New Characters Soon

Nintendo continues to support "Fire Emblem Heroes" as the tactical mobile game will be getting four new characters from the franchise. These new additions fall in line with the future updates the studio plans to release.

More Characters Join the Fight in "Fire Emblem Heroes"

My Nintendo News (blog) reports that game director Shingo Matsushita recently made a new announcement regarding more content. Previously, players got a celebration map and also a lot of hero feathers following the Twitter campaign. Now, four additional characters from the franchise will be making their way to the mobile "Fire Emblem" game.

Those who played "Genealogy of the Holy War" will be pleased to see Seliph and Julia join the fray. On the other hand, fans of "The Sacred Stones" will be familiar with both Eirika and Ephraim. In line with this announcement, Nintendo also released each character's art.

Despite this, Matsushita has yet to reveal any finer details surrounding the characters - including their release date. Although, there is a chance that they will join the game after the current Summoning Focus groups expire on Feb. 15. For now, fans should make the most out of the current groups before Nintendo replaces them.

Even More Content On the Way

This update is only one out of the many things Nintendo plans to release. GameSpot reports that the game's co-director, Kouhei Maeda, promised to add more stories to the game. Similarly, they will also release more characters, skills and even game modes that will deviate from the current gameplay.

Furthermore, Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems will continue supporting the mobile title as long as fans continue to play the game. Even so, it is still unsure to what other content they plan to release as of now. Those who want to play "Fire Emblem Heroes" can download the game for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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