Dota 2 Tips And Tricks: In-depth Guide To Winning The Mid Lane

By Noli Teves , Feb 28, 2017 05:00 AM EST

In "Dota 2", the mid lane is the most important lane of all, as it is with this that the fate of the team hangs in the balance. It would be surely harder to win the game if the mid lane is taken over.

Starting Items

With this, players should always consider the importance of their starting items. Learning the best items for their respective players is simply the secret.

According to E-Sports Edition, to do this, players should anticipate who their opponent in the mid lane is. Counter their skills by taking up the mot suited items.

Salves are heavily recommended for aggressive heroes such as Queen of Pain. These can be very effective in getting the first blood.

However, if the player wants to build a Magic Wand as the game progresses, then it would be ideal for one to bring Ironwood Branches. This also gives enough stats to keep the hero going.

Perfect Counters

Null Talismans and Wraith Bands are also recommended, as these can easily be upgraded later in the game. The next most important thing is the hero.

See to it that the chosen hero has an escape mechanism so that it can easily refrain ganks. And when opponents are closing in, the player can then easily escape.

According to Red Bull, if the matched up to an opponent in the middle lane is too much for the player to bear, then there is always the jungle where the player can farm. Knowing how to level up the abilities based on the mid-lane matchup is also vital.

Ingenuity, Creativity, And Witty Mind

Then again, it's all up to the player's decision and style of gaming. Ingenuity, creativity and the wit of mind are three of the most important values that "Dota 2" players must remember.

With these, players will surely have more fun playing.

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