Blizzard Announces Journey To Un’Goro The New Hearthstone Expansion

Blizzard has recently announced that the company’s next Hearthstone expansion will be entitled Journey to Un’Goro which is contrary to earlier leaks. The expansion will add spells, minions and other cards went it will be made available in early April. The expansion Journey to Un’Goro is set to introduce some new gameplay concepts to the expanding library of cards.

Some of the existing minions will be given the Elemental type which will offer synergistic action with some of the new cards that are set to be added to the game as part of the new expansion. There will also be a new card keyword for players to use, Adapt. Cards with Adapt gives the players the ability to choose three adaptations from a pool of 10. Blizzard announces that the mechanics are similar to the Discover ability that is already in the game.

The expansion will also include an entirely new type of legendary card which is Quests. Players can include one Quest card in each deck and it is guaranteed to land their opening hand. Incredible rewards can be achieved by completing the requirements. For example, the Awaken the Master’s Quest card tasks the players to summon 7 minions with a Deathrattle effect. Players who are successful at completing the quest will be rewarded powerful ara AmWarden of Hope Card which can be used in that match.

Hearthstone players will be able to pre-purchase 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs for $49.99 starting tomorrow. This comes with a special fossil card back as a bonus. Although Blizzard has not confirmed a specific release date, they did announce however that the expansion would be released in early April as reported by GameRant.

The Hearthstone blog description reveals that the new expansion has Elise Starseeker and her junior explorers set on an expedition into the Un’Goro crater which is an uncharted territory. Wondrous discoveries are to be made and become one of the first to unearth the mysteries long forgotten under the thick jungle mists. Un’Goro has prehistoric inhabitants which will probably hostile to players as reported by GameSpot.

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