Clash Royale: 5 Tips On Winning the Draft Challenge

One of the most popular special events in Clash Royale is back! Popular for its enticing, fast-paced and unpredictable mode, the Draft Challenge offers an exciting twist for the fans particularly for those that wanted to improve their knowledge across all available cards in the game. However, players will only be able to enjoy this event for a limited time only (three days). In order to maximize the event, here are the 5 Tips on Winning the Draft Challenge.

Clash Royale: Draft Challenge

The Draft Challenge is pretty straight-forward. There will be four sets of card, each one contains two cards that the player can choose from. Those that weren't picked will be sent to the opponent's deck. The opponent will also choose from four sets and the remaining four will be sent to the former. This mechanic is what differentiates Draft Challenge from the other special events as this mode simply takes the player out from his comfort zone. Now, how does one improve his chances of winning random decks?

Draft Challenge Tips: Secure A 'Win Condition' Card/Combo

Choose a card that can easily cheap away the opponent's crowned tower. Meta cards such as the Executioner and the Graveyard are considered to be one of the best picks in this challenge.

Draft Challenge Tips: Secure At Least A Single Spell

With the addition of the Goblin Gang and the buff on Skeletons, Swarm Troops are now significantly stronger than they used to. Miners, Giants and other tanks can easily be countered by these troops, which is why, spells like Zap, Log and Arrows are essential.

Draft Challenge Tips: Pocket Card

Upon building a deck leaning towards the win condition combo, always try to get a pocket card which the opposing player will likely expect, for example, a Balloon in an Elite Barbarians deck. Always try to take a pocket card at hand, which is a lot harder for your opponent to counter.

Draft Challenge Tips: Choose Well-rounded Cards

Due to the unpredictability of the decks in Draft Challenge, it's always wise to choose a card that can counter a variety of decks. Great examples are Zap, Skeleton Army, Ice Spirit and Archers. These cards can devastate myriad of popular decks and even meta cards.

Draft Challenge Tips: Keep The Deck Cheaper

One of the common crises, which players tend to find in the Draft Challenge, is the ability to cycle through their cards. When it comes to Draft Challenge, the easiest way to secure victory is to create constant pressure and cycle through cards to counter what the enemy has in his hand.

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