‘Justice League' Official Trailer Stuns Comic Book Fans, Wonder Woman Looks Badass

The much-anticipated movie of the year just released its official trailer. “Justice League” didn’t only provide an ordinary trailer but they showed to the world that the hype is real.

Warner Brothers Entertainment Just Hit The Jackpot

Remember when DC comics and Warner Brothers Pictures were called out about their previous movies? Well, they’ve responded properly as the official trailer of “Justice League” is the most shared and viewed video right now on the internet. Zack Snyder made it a point that this movie will not be ordinary. The way the heroes were introduced in the trailer is exceptional. Some fans might still be disgruntled on why Ben Affleck is still the Batman and not Christian Bale but nevertheless, it is still a must see movie.

‘Justice League’ Unites

Technically, these are not new characters. However, this will be the very first time that these heroes will be seen with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Probably the best actor who will play the role of Aquaman, Jason Momoa finally shows up in the upcoming film. Momoa who is famous for his role as Khal Drogo in the TV series “Game Of Thrones” showed a different side of Aquaman. Also, Ezra Miller a.k.a The Flash displayed his quickness when the villains tried to get hold of him.

Lastly, the emergence of Cyborg. Now, this might confuse some of the viewers, especially the young audience as Cyborg is compared to Iron Man. Based on the comments on YouTube and social media, fans tagged Cyborg as poor man’s copy of Iron Man. Avid followers of DC Comics will say otherwise. Victor Stone became Cyborg when the former college athlete met an accident. Thanks to the “Mother Box”, Stone was saved but in the event, was reconstructed as a living robot.

Right now, “Justice League” is in the perfect position to be named as the “Movie Of The Year”.

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