Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Pre-Order Now To Get Yours Starting Next Week

More Nintendo Switch consoles will be available starting April 12 next week. Those who want to get their hands on the popular hybrid console will need to book for one from online retail stores. Amazon and GameStop are currently accepting pre-orders for the hard-to-find Nintendo Switch with both stores promising to start shipping by next week.

Amazon sellers are offering the Nintendo Switch, which normally retails for $299.99, for a price ranging from $385 to $600. Most of the Switch units being sold on the retail site will be delivered starting on April 12. As for GameStop, a Nintendo Switch bundle is available for $459.99 and is supposed to be shipped starting tomorrow as indicated on the Featured Products and Offers section. A closer look, however, states that that particular bundle will start shipping on April 12. GameStop's Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Con Family Friendly bundle comes with three games particularly the "LEGO City Undercover", "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" along with its Digital Expansion Pass, and the "Has Been Heroes (Digital Game)". The Switch box should contain the Nintendo Switch console, the Switch Dock, the left and right neon Joy-Con controllers, two Joy-Con straps, a Joy-Con Grip, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter. Unless, of course, if the seller is not the same one who sold a guy an old Nintendo Wii inside a Switch box.

According to BGR, the Nintendo Switch is still not available in physical stores though there were reports saying the Switch was made available in some retailers such as Target, GameStop, Meijer, Walmart and Amazon Prime particularly in its branches in Fort Worth, New York and Seattle. Rumor mongers are already debating on why Nintendo again failed to keep up with the demand. One popular rumor is that the Switch costs $257 to make. The high production cost has apparently made Nintendo weary of producing too much of the hybrid console as it doesn't stand to profit much from it.

As of this writing, iStockNow shows that there are Nintendo Switch's stocks available in numerous stores. Before heading out, it is best to check the retailers' official websites. Switch hunters can also browse websites similar to iStockNow such as BrickSeek and NowInStock to see if there are units available anywhere.

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