Clash Royale: Here's Why The Heal Spell, Night Witch And Bats Are Delayed; New Single Player Mode Coming

Last month, Supercell confirmed that the three new cards, which were initially leaked, will be coming in Clash Royale a month after the March anniversary. However, May is already within reach and the three new cards are still nowhere to be seen. What happened to the Bats, Night Witch and Heal Spell? Well, Supercell finally broke the silence and explained the main reason for the holdup.

Clash Royale: Where Are The Night Witch, Bats, And Heal Spell?

In a Q&A held by Supercell's developers, Tim revealed that the Night Witch, Bats and Heal Spell is coming into the game but the release was pushed further back due to a number of tasks that the developers have been undertaking. Needless to say, the team is on a lot of pressure especially with how Supercell introduces new cards every two weeks. It is worth noting that Supercell announced that this rule will be changed in order to provide more "balanced cards" in the future.

With that being said, Tim hinted that the upcoming cards will have an interval release of at least one month. He also hinted that the first card is coming really soon especially with the beta test nearing its completion. However, as of the time of this writing, Tim didn't disclose the chronological order of the release of the three cards.

New Single Player Mode

Before wrapping the Q&A, Tim revealed that the team is currently in the process of introducing a new game mode, which would target and entice casual players in the game. According to Tim, "PvE is inherently more casual than PvP, so the idea is that this should tick some of the boxes when it comes to more casual play options. Again, don't hold us to any of the above please, but we are thinking and working towards some more casual stuff..."

To sum it up, fans should expect that Supercell will introduce new cards at least once per month and that the next one will come before the end of May. It may be longer than what many have anticipated, though, it's still better than having a severely broken card much like the initially dreaded Executioner.

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