'Prison Break' Season 5 Spoilers: Second Major Character Set To Die; The Truth About Poseidon Will Finally Come Out?

"Prison Break" season 5 is taking the television by storm with its latest episode dropping an unexpected revelation, freeing Michael Scofield and killing off one fan favorite character. Paul Kellerman, who resurrected in the past, has met his demise, this time for real. However, Kellerman will not be the only one to say goodbye as creator Paul Scheuring hinted on another death coming soon.

The episode four of "Prison Break" has been an intense chapter with Michael Scofield breaking out of Ogygia while the ISIL takes over Yemen. After an exhilarating adventure to find the key to their freedom, Michael and his group were finally out and the Scofield-Burrows duo finally reunited. However, they have bigger things to worry about as they might have freed the man who could have them all killed, Ramal.

Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows have to be in a rush to get to the airport before the ISIL shuts down Yemen. Their way to the airport though might be longer than they expected as they are all at risk of dying. There are theories though that the brothers will survive and safely land back in the U.S. but one coffin might welcome them as one of the groups is about to follow Paul Kellerman who is now six feet under the ground.

Creator Paul Scheuring recently shared some juicy spoilers for the show. He first explained why Kellerman has to go saying he always wanted to see blood on his creation. He has however warned fans that Kellerman is not the big character that has long been rumored to die on "Prison Break" season 5 as he directly revealed about a second death coming to the team.

Looking back at "Prison Break" season 5, episode 4, fans saw the unfortunate death of Paul Kellerman in the hands of Poseidon's man, Van Gogh. T-Bag, who went to see Kellerman in Sara's request, has been a witness to the murder. He was able to escape and followed the assassins as he was suspecting they will meet up with Poseidon. T-Bag was however at a shock when he saw the killers meeting up with Sara's husband, Jacob.

There are now a lot of theories surfacing about the real identity of Poseidon and how he is linked to Jacob. The first obvious answer is that Jacob is Poseidon and he has been using the supposed death of Michael for a big conspiracy. The second leads fans to the theory that Jacob serves as a worker for Poseidon and that he has only been using Sara to monitor on Scofield's comeback.

The promo for the next episode of "Prison Break" season 5 sees brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield meeting danger on their way to the airport. C-Note plots on a new escape route but he, himself, is not so sure that they can execute it smoothly. T-Bag delivers the evidence to Sara that Jacob is involved in all the troubles they meet. "Prison Break" season 5, episode 5 will air on May 2 on Fox.

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