'Stranger Things' Guarantees Third Installment Before Season 2 Release; EP Gives Details About Two New Seasons

"Stranger Things" season 2 is yet to kick off in Halloween, yet the horror flick's executive producer-director has already hinted at the high possibility of a third installment. With the overflowing ideas jam packed in season 2, it is said that another chapter will be needed to incorporate the whole plot. Also, the boss of "Stranger Things" talked about the upcoming season, revealing that it will be a Will Byers-centered arc, but will season 1's lead, Eleven, have as much part as the boy who went missing?

Will Byers is back in Hawkins and the cliffhanger in "Stranger Things" season 1 hinted on his bigger role in the upcoming new installment. It has been quite predictable though as Noah Schnapp who played Will was previously promoted to a series regular. Also, EP and Director Shawn Levy recently confirmed that the new arc will focus on the mysteries that are wrapping the new Will Byers.

It can be recalled that season 1 showed less of the boy as he was trapped in Upside Down. He went on living in the mysterious world where he was supposedly hunted by the Demogorgon. As soon as he was rescued by his mother Joyce and Chief Hopper, he started to experience odd things in his body as "Stranger Things" season 1 left off with Will throwing up a slug and slime through his mouth.

With Levy's statements then, it is predicted that the second run will delve into Will Byers' history with the Demogorgon in Upside Down. The hunting monster seen in the promo clip released by Netflix last year also reportedly signifies the big change that Will Byers has to deal with as he tries to live a normal life again. However, there are also some avid fans claiming that Will Byers will turn into the dark side and might be controlling the new monster teased during the 2017 Super Bowl.

The story is teased by the EP and he revealed that they had a lot of ideas coming. With only nine episodes ordered for the horror series, Levy said that it is hard to put everything in only one season that they even had to trim down the story. He also said they have a lot more stories to tell hence, hoping for more chapters to accommodate the other ideas that they came up with.

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven went missing in the final scenes of "Stranger Things" season 1. Fans then thought that she was devoured by the Demogorgon as she sacrificed herself to save her friends. However, Chief Hopper leaving some Eggo Waffles in the woods gave her fans some hope that she is still alive and will be back to reunite with Hawkins' little heroes.

With Millie Bobby Brown being re-cast for "Stranger Things" season 2, fans are hopeful that she will still have as much exposure as she got during the first installment. Eleven served as the first run's main character and fans suggest that she has a deep connection with Upside Down hence, making her a lead in the season 2.

Theories have it that Will Byers acquired some powers from the lengthy stay he had in Upside World and might now have the same abilities as Eleven. It is predicted that Joyce's son will become the gang's way to find Eleven and fight the new monster coming in "Stranger Things" season 2.

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