'Destiny 2' Devs Discuss The Game's New Maps

Bungie's efforts and hard work were put on display last week as the developer shared the first gameplay footage of Destiny 2. They bombarded fans with a volley of new features and elements that stirred excitement among players. Cutscenes were not integrated into the actual gameplay missions and new subclasses were also unveiled. However, the four new expansive worlds and maps supposedly offer players more stuff to explore this time around.

According to Destiny 2 world director Steve Cotton, Bungie aims to keep players in the game world longer than the previous game. The development team was reportedly tasked to create several elements and missions that will engage gamers continuously. Game Rant also adds that the different maps were purposely designed to encourage gamers to explore. The game is also expected to take advantage of the user's curiosity by featuring unexpected encounters or rewards.

The developers intentionally created a much bigger map size to accommodate allow more content in Destiny 2. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel will have a new map feature that pinpoints ongoing public events. Previously, gamers had to rely on third-party apps and forums to find out the next event's time and location. It has also been confirmed that the new world will feature settlements or small towns. Interactive NPC characters will also offer side quests to keep players busy during their exploration.

The Last City suffered a serious blow after the Cabal attacked and destroyed the Tower. The familiar social space where Guardians spent most of their time is no more. Destiny 2 will now feature a new area located in Old Russia called the European Dead Zone. Gamesradar+ also notes that players are no longer required to head to orbit in order to choose and launch an activity. This hopefully reduces the number of loading screens encountered by a half in the sci-fi shooter.

Most of the other changes in Destiny 2 are not only limited to its new worlds and maps. The game also made some major changes to its PVP matches that will now feature four-player teams instead of the previous six. The gameplay trailer also shows a new tank vehicle that reminds fans of Bungie's Halo and its Scorpion tank.

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