New 'Tekken 7' Trailer Offers Preview Of Upcoming Features

With a few days left until Tekken 7 finally launches on consoles and the PC, fans are eager to learn more about the new fighting game and its features. Bandai Namco has also shared a new trailer that highlights some of the stuff gamers can look forward to. The video apparently showcases some of the previously announced gameplay additions and cosmetic changes. Additionally, the trailer reminds fans that Eliza will be available as a pre-order bonus.

Tekken 7 was originally released for the arcades back in 2015 and has received balance updates and new characters along the way. The new trailer showcases some of the changes that make the new game different from its predecessors. PlayStation Lifestyle explains that the trailer showcases Rage Arts, dynamic stages, and new game modes. Bandai Namco is expected to deliver more content as gamers have patiently waited two years for this game to finally arrive for the PC and home consoles.

Game Modes

Bandai Namco has reworked the online multiplayer mode for Tekken 7. Players can apparently participate in exhibition matches in a friendly battle against friends or other opponents. Gamers who want to experience a more competitive battle can take on a group of eight fighters in tournament mode. Those confident enough with their skills will most likely love ranked matches to fight against similarly-skilled players based on their ranks. Solo players can play arcade mode and also learn more about their characters through the practice mode.

Story Content

Tekken 7 continues its lore with the Mishima Saga that details the ongoing feud between each member of the Mishima clan. The story mode reportedly showcases amazing visuals that allow the game to transition from a cinematic footage directly into the fight, says Game Rant. Street Fighter V fans will finally discover the reason behind Akuma's appearance in the world of Tekken. It has not been confirmed if Bandai Namco will include the familiar story clips for each character once they complete arcade mode.

New Elements

The seventh installment of Bandai Namco's popular 3D fighter includes a new Rage Art system, which is akin to a super or desperation move in other fighter games. The new Tekken 7 combat system will also include a Rage Drive that empowers specific attacks in exchange for their Rage Art meter. Gamers will also be able to dress up their fighters and customize their cosmetic appearance via earnable items in-game.

Tekken 7 was featured in a professional fighting game tournament last weekend. Participants have apparently reported that the game experiences some lag when the display resolution is set to full-HD, but it has not been officially confirmed by Bandai Namco. The game is expected to launch on June 2, 2017, for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4

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