New Square Enix JRPG Titled 'Lost Sphear' Revealed

Classic RPG fans were reportedly surprised when Square Enix announced their new approach for Final Fantasy XV. Gamers who were expecting a classic turn-based battle system and classic mechanics took some time to adjust. However, the game was a considerable success with both positive and negative reviews. Meanwhile, Tokyo RPG Factory, a smaller developer owned by Square Enix that works new JRPG games, came up with I Am Setsuna and is currently working on a new RPG called Lost Sphear.

Fans of traditional JRPGs reportedly praised Toko RPG Factory's I Am Setsuna for its classic influences. Most critics have applauded the game for showcasing some elements of Chrono Trigger and older Final Fantasy games. Game Rant reports that Square Enix revealed that their new title, Lost Sphear, will be released for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A three-minute trailer for the RPG has also been shared to hype up the game before it releases next year.

At first glance, Lost Sphear bears an uncanny resemblance to I Am Setsuna. Players guess that Square Enix would like to maintain a classic JRPG theme for the game. According to sources, the Tokyo RPG Factory-developed game will star a young boy named Kanata. The protagonist apparently notices that his hometown has started to disappear right after he wakes up from a nightmare. Players will be tasked to rebuild the world using the power of Memory and as expected, gather a group of adventurers to help along the way.

Kotaku mentions that Square Enix describes Lost Sphear as a game that expands on the "beloved features" from Tokyo RPG Factory's "debut title, I Am Setsuna." The new JRPG will supposedly feature "a revamped ATB battle system where players can strategize and freely adjust their placement mid-fight," reports Kotaku. Based on the trailer, it seems that the game will feature a stellar soundtrack that gamers enjoyed from their other title.

According to Square Enix, Lost Sphear is now currently available for pre-order. It's not a surprise that the game is coming out for the Nintendo Switch since I Am Setsuna is also available on the platform. Nintendo has just added another title from a third-party developer to strengthen its games lineup for the Switch. Rumors have claimed that the company has already increased production of the new game system in preparation for the holiday season.

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