Sony Plans To Broadcast E3 2017 In Theaters Across America

With E3 2017 fast approaching, developers and publishers are obviously preparing for their respective press conferences and booths to showcase their products. The premiere video game event is sure to attract a lot of media and regular gamers to participate and attend the show. However, not everyone might be able to attend due to several reasons. Sony seeks to deliver the same experience to gamers via live stream in theaters.

Reports claim that this would be the fourth year Sony has broadcasted its E3 press conference in theaters across America. Gamers in Canada, Brazil, and the U.S. can check their local theaters to confirm if Sony has booked the date. According to Game Rant, over 100 theater locations will be reportedly available, but Sony has yet to officially announce the final list. It was also confirmed that the tickets for the remote broadcast of E3 2017 will be for free.

PlayStation fans can sign up for the E3 2017 theater broadcast event at Seating will not be reserved so attendees are encouraged to come early to choose their ideal vantage point, as reported by Segment Next. Additionally, having registered online does not guarantee that the ticket holder will have a saved spot, so it appears that the venue will stop accepting people once maximum capacity has been reached. Those lucky enough to attend will reportedly receive a digital goodie bag with PlayStation Store items, an exclusive poster, and a collectible card from Sony's PlayStation Collectible Card series.

Gaming fans can expect some big announcements during Sony's E3 2017 press conference. Ticket holders can also experience the event via the theater's big screen and get to see games like the new God of War, The Last of Us 2, and maybe Knack 2. It has been rumored that the PlayStation-exclusive Days Gone will be showcased in a "big way." Moreover, fans are also expecting Hideo Kojima to offer more details about Death Stranding, but it is not a guarantee given the producer's tendency to tease his fans.

The remote E3 2017 press conference broadcast will most likely showcase more Sony-exclusive content that has never been seen. However, fans can expect new details about Destiny 2 and other the new Call of Duty: WW2 to pop up with their PlayStation-exclusive DLCs in tow.

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