Leaked 'Super Smash Bros.' For Nintendo Switch Possibly Fake

Hardcore fans of Nintendo's crossover fighting game have always speculated that Super Smash Bros. will be ported to the Nintendo Switch. The developer has not officially confirmed if the game is launching on the Switch; although, some leaked screenshots supposedly showcasing the Switch version of the game have been posted on 4Chan by an anonymous user. According to reports, the images flaunt some modes that were exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version only.

The leaked images somehow hint that the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros. might be a remastered version of the 3DS game. According to Game Rant, the screenshots appear to be visually upgraded to match the Wii U version of the fighting game. Some of the modes presented by the images are the Smash Run Mode, Paper Mario Stage, and a Break the Targets mode, which were all present on the 3DS copy. Some fans speculate that these are enhanced images to reflect how the game will look like on the Switch.

Other gamers were quick to point out that the supposed Nintendo Switch copy of Super Smash Bros. is a fake. It was pointed out that some of the images appear to have been doctored poorly. It was assumed that these were Japanese version screenshots, but instead of Kooper Jr., he is named Bowser Jr. In another screenshot, Yoshi does not seem to have a shadow. These are just some of the irregularities that appear to prove that these might be altered, says Segment Next.

Nintendo Switch gamers are advised to wait until Nintendo makes an official announcement regarding Super Smash Bros. for the hybrid game system. There is a big chance that it would make the announcement at E3 2017. The company has previously promised its fans a few months ago that it will have "something big" in store for the gaming event. The continued demand for the Switch already has Nintendo bumping up its production.

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