PS4 Firmware 4.70 Update: Details, Problems, Fixes

Upon turning on the console, PS4 users are going to be greeted by a message informing them of a new software update for their system. Sony has officially released firmware update 4.70 to the public and vaguely claims that it "improves the quality of the system performance." Just like the other patches that came before it, Sony does not exactly explain the changes it brings to the PlayStation 4, but that did not stop some users from checking what the new patch has brought to the console.

Users have reportedly observed some changes to the system and shared some of them online. First up is that they have tweaked the system to allow players to view their individual match results in Tournaments, as reported by Gamesradar+. On the other hand, users have noted that some of the icons for PSNow, Spotify, PS Video, PSVue, and the PlayStation Store have been visually updated. It appears that the firmware update 4.70 got Sony to change some of the PS4's icons into a flat design similar to the ones found on smartphones.

However, there are some users who have reported problems with the 4.70 firmware update. PS4 users claimed that their consoles encounter a freezing issue after the patch was installed. Several gamers have apparently shared their negative experience on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. It appears that the issue is widespread, but Sony has not released any confirmation or announcement regarding the reported problems, says Segment Next.

Until Sony releases an official fix to address the 4.70 patch freezing issues, some unofficial workarounds have been shared by other PS4 users that supposedly fixed the problem. Users must turn off the unit and boot into safe mode by holding down the power button until a two-beep alert comes up. Next step is to restore storage and then restart the system. Afterward, boot up into safe mode again and download the update via the internet.

Another fix involves users turning off the Wi-Fi or disconnecting the LAN cable on their PS4 unit. Boot into safe mode and rebuild the database, which should fix the issue on most units. However, if gamers are using an external hard drive, they need to make sure to remove the drive before rebuilding the database. Sony has yet to release an official fix to remedy the freezing issue on the 4.70 firmware update. Meanwhile, the Japanese gaming company has just recently ceased its production of the PS3 in Japan, which could mean more focus on its current and next-gen systems.

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