Sony Reveals List Of Free Games For PlayStation Plus In June; 'Life Is Strange' Among The Many Offerings

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, a new month means new games and Sony has prepared several games from different genres for active members. PS4 users will be able to download the episodic adventure game Life is Strange and the zombie-killing shooter Killing Floor 2. Meanwhile, PS3 gamers can get a side-scrolling action game Abyss Odyssey and rally racing title WRC 5: World Rally Championship. Lastly, portable gaming is also covered with two titles for the PSVita. Neon Chrome is a top-down action shooter, while Spy Chameleon is a stealth-based puzzle game.

Life Is Strange

According to Polygon, Life is Strange is a game from a French Studio called Dontnod Entertainment. The game stars Max Caufield, who discovers that she has the power to manipulate time. It is played form a third-person view and allows players to interact with different people and objects to progress through the story. The game is published by Square Enix, and rumors claim that a sequel is in the works.

Killing Floor 2

The Tripwire Interactive title closely resembles the Left for Dead series where players must fight against a horde of zombies as a team. Gamers will fight against enemies called Zed which are the zombies in the world of Killing Floor 2. Up to six players can cooperate to take on the enemies, and a PVP mode is also available where gamers can play using the Zeds themselves.

Spy Chameleon & Neon Chrome

These PSVita games are also available on the PS4 via their cross-buy feature. Players can enjoy the games on their home console or take it with them on the go via the PSVita, says Forbes. Neon Chrome is a top-down fast-paced shooter that features a cyberpunk theme with procedural levels. Spy Chameleon is a game that focuses on stealth with color-changing puzzle

Abyss Odyssey & WRC 5: World Rally Championship

PS3 gamers can enjoy a procedurally-created side-scrolling world with Abyss Odyssey. The game somehow resembles Konami's Castlevania series. On the other hand, players who love racing games will feel right at home with WRC 5: World Rally Championship and its broad selection of off-road-ready vehicles and tracks.

Playstation Plus members can download these games starting next week on Tuesday. Meanwhile, fighting game enthusiasts might also want to check out Tekken 7 which is available now. The game has already received great reviews from several gaming websites.

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