‘Overwatch’ Rolls Out Minor Update On PC; Larger Patch To Hit Xbox One, PS4 Later

Blizzard has recently released a minor update on Overwatch for PC players. Other platforms weren't included in the update although it seems that a larger patch will be rolled out later for Xbox One and PS4. Apparently, this latest update will fix some bug issues and other minor glitches.

The Sombra Translocator Issue Will Be Corrected

The patch notes for this latest Overwatch update indicate that the issues affecting competitive play and map balance will be corrected. However, balance changes to the characters of the game were not addressed. There are speculations that the fix is designed to correct the Sombra Translocator issue. This has been plaguing the game for some time now.

Fixes For Map Exploits And Dancing Problems Are Included

A number of map exploits that cause issues in the game were also removed by this latest Overwatch patch. One of the most interesting things revealed by the patch notes is the bug fix to correct the problem that results in game characters falling from moving platforms while they are dancing.

In addition, the latest patch of Overwatch fixes a crash that results when rendering fog for gamers carrying certain hardware. The patch also fixes a number of bugs that enables players to reach multiple locations on the map when they didn't really intend to go there.

A Number Of Interface Issues Will Be Corrected As Well

There are also some user interface issues that the latest Overwatch update tries to correct. The patch notes say that there is a fix for a bug that causes the 'Oni' and 'Law' player icons to appear locked even if the player has already unlocked them. There is also a fix for a bug that permits gamers to send Custom Game invites.

In one of the interviews during the Overwatch Anniversary event, Jeff Kaplan assured the fans that they have planned to release content updates on a monthly basis up to the end of this year. In other words, fans can expect Blizzard to announce a content update for this month soon.

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