'Overwatch' Devs To Allow Chinese Players To Pay For In-Game Currency

Blizzard Entertainment does its best to keep its games balanced and offer the same experience consistently across the globe. However, it appears that the developer might have to tweak some of the features for its Chinese players. It was previously reported that Chinese regulators forced Blizzard to reveal its Loot Box drop rates. Now, Overwatch players in China will be able to purchase in-game money in exchange for real currency.

Overwatch players understand that Loot Box contents are randomly generated by the system based on the odds programmed onto the RNG (Random Number Generator). Since Blizzard initially allowed Chinese players to purchase Loot Boxes using real money, a law passed in China required them to reveal the odds of getting specific items from those boxes. Game Rant points out that the next update called Patch 1.12 will enable Chinese players to purchase in-game credits.

Chinese Overwatch players will also receive bonus Loot Boxes each time they purchase in-game credits with real money. For example, buying 5 in-game credits gives an extra two Loot Boxes, while buying 120 in-game credits throws in another 50 free boxes. However, it was not exactly detailed how much the conversion rate is for the in-game credits exchanged for in-game gold. Some Legendary skins in the game cost upwards from 1000 to 3000 gold coins, so there might be a special rate given to players upon their purchase.

Based on the information shared by Blizzard Entertainment to Chinese authorities, there was an 18 percent chance for an epic reward, while the legendary loot chance is only 7.4 percent, says Forbes. Except for China eventually, Overwatch players can only rely on their luck when opening Loot Boxes. It appears that the only method for acquiring the really rare loot is for gamers to continue grinding for more boxes and crossing their fingers each time they open one.

Fans previously complained about Overwatch's Loot Box RNG system. They claimed that the odds are very unfair and that they usually receive a lot of duplicate items. Therefore, international players are also hoping that Blizzard Entertainment will implement the same system they have recently approved for Chinese players.

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