Sony Prepared To Take On Project Scorpio, According To Sales Head

Sony appears to show extreme confidence as their PlayStation 4 consoles continue to dominate the console market way ahead of Microsoft and Nintendo. Despite records showing that the Nintendo Switch is steadily raking in stellar sales numbers, while Microsoft is getting ready to debut its Project Scorpio this weekend, Sony happily shares that their console sales are well above the company's expectations.

Sony's Jim Ryan reveals that one of every five PlayStation 4 sales is a PS4 Pro. The price for the Pro version is still a $100 more than the regular platform, but some promotions or special deals have repeatedly lowered its price from $299 to $249. Ryan also added that "it is way ahead of our expectations," regarding the sales performance of their PlayStation platform. It seems that retailers are finding it difficult to keep stocks of the PS4 Pro and PSVR as they tend to sell out quickly, according to Game Rant. Microsoft, on the other hand, will have to start fresh with the Project Scorpio.

The sales chief also admits that they "haven't done a very good job" forecasting sales of the PS4 Pro and PSVR. He confirmed that Sony has already bumped up production of these products to meet the consumer demand. The company has already scheduled their own press conference next week, which is scheduled a day after Microsoft and its Project Scorpio reveal on Sunday. Meanwhile, Business Insider elaborates that consumers usually see a console refresh every five years or more. However, it seems that video game companies are changing the norm.

Jim Ryan was reportedly asked in an interview about Sony's opinion on the Project Scorpio. It was noted that the Microsoft kind of followed their lead when they released the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of backward-compatibility, but the Scorpio somehow boasts a more powerful hardware this time around. The sales chief explains that Sony is not "frightened of what they do" in reference to Microsoft's new console. He proudly claims that the PlayStation 4's extensive library of games is the ultimate deciding factor for most consumers.

There are rumors that Sony might be working on a new portable game system to take on the Nintendo Switch, which is parallel to its development of the PlayStation 5 to eclipse the Project Scorpio. Still, it appears that "there's still a lot of juice to squeeze out of the PlayStation 4 platform," according to the Japanese electronics giant.

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