Miss Going to the Movies? Why Not Make Your Own Home Theater? All it Takes is a Simple Mini Projector

Miss the Movies? Make Your Own Home Theater with Just a Mini Projector!

Since going to the movies is quite impossible nowadays, why not set up your own home theater? All it takes is a simple mini projector you can buy on Amazon!

by Urian

AR/VR laptop

Dissect a Brain, Disassemble a Car Engine and More Using This VR Laptop

In 2018, California-based tech firm zSpace launched what it claims is the first ever AR/VR laptop in the world

by Staff Reporter

Kingston Hyper X and Ducky Collaborate to Bring Ultimate Computer Keyboard for Gaming: Would You Buy the %60 Sized $110 Ducky One 2 Mini?

This Computer Keyboard For Keyboard is Only 60% of the Regular Size: Would You Buy ot for $110i?

Both Kingston Hyper X and Ducky have collaborated together to bring computer keyboards to the next level with a $110 Ducky One 2 Mini that is only 60% the size of a normal keyboard.

by Urian

Dell XPS 15 9570

Take A Look At These Functionally Amazing Laptops That Would Fit Your Work From Home Mom On Mothers' Day

Take Mothers' Day to a whole tech level with these perfectly functional laptops that your work from home mom is sure to love

by Renz

Microsoft's Surface Book 3 Additional Specs Revealed: Intel Core i7, 32GB of RAM, and Possible Intel Ice Lake-U Processor

Confirmed! Microsoft's Surface Book 3 Gets an Intel Core i7 Along with 32GB of RAM: Find Out More

Microsoft's Surface Book 3 comes closer to reality and as it does, additional specs have been revealed!

by Urian

[Video] Ever Wonder What the Fastest Gaming Computer Looks Like? Origin PC Just Stocked a Tesla Model S with a Gaming Rig Comprised of Ryzen, NVIDIA GeForce RTX, and Even More!

[Video] Origin PC Took "Under the Hood" to a Whole New Level by Equipping a Tesla with the World's Fastest Gaming Computer

If ever you've been asking yourself, "what does the world's fastest gaming computer look like?" Imagine a massive gaming computer rig with Ryzen and everything built under the hood of a Tesla! Yup, Origin PC did that.

by Urian

[Digital Nomad Essentials] How to Choose the Right Slim Laptop: ASUS, Acer, MSI

[Digital Nomad Essentials] Which Slim Laptop Works Best for You? ASUS, Acer, and MSI

If you're a digital nomad and plan to get yourself a slim laptop, here are a few pointers on how to pick between an ASUS, Acer, and an MSI.

by Urian

Akasa's New Turing FX Fanless Retails at $130 and is Designed for the Intel 10th Generation NUC 10 Mini PC: Is It Worth the Purchase?

$130 Akasa Turing FX Fanless Case for the Intel 10th Generation NUC 10 Mini PC: Worth It?

If you've got yourself an Intel 10th Generation NUC 10 mini PC and you are still wondering which case to buy, check out the Akasa Turing FX fanless case that sells for $130.

by Urian

[Digital Nomad Essentials] Clean Your Keyboard with a Portable Mini Vacuum

[Digital Nomad Essentials] Keyboard Vacuums for Portable Maintenance

In order to perform proper maintenance anywhere you go, you should have the right equipment with you. A portable keyboard vacuum could really turn the tables with better maintenance anywhere in the world.

by Urian

Pick Out the Right Wi-Fi Adaptor for You to Boost Your Gaming Signal: Choose From ASUS, TP, or Netgear

Boost Your Gaming Signal with These Wi-Fi Adaptors: ASUS, TP, or Netgear

If you want to boost your connection without using a LAN or Ethernet, you might want to get yourself a Wi-Fi adaptor. Here are a few adaptors that could really improve your connection.

by Urian

Leaks! The New ASUS ROG Maximus XII Motherboard Series Specs Have Been Leaked! Apex, Extreme, Formula, and Extreme Glacial!

DDR4-$800 or DDR4-5000? New ASUS ROG Maximus XII Motherboard Series is a Beast!

Leaks have started to surface the new ASUS ROG Maximus XII Motherboard series which boasts an Apex, Formula, Extreme, and Extreme Glacial!

by Urian

Learn How to Turn Your Phone Into a Computer With the Use of Nothing but NexDock 2!

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Laptop with NexDock 2

If ever you've been wondering how to turn your phone into a laptop, you're in luck! All you need is the NexDock 2!

by Urian

HP's New Envy 15 is a Massive Workstation Manufactured from Recycled Ocean Plastic! Find Out More About the 10th Gen, GeForce RTX, 17 Hour Battery Life, and 32GB RAM Laptop

Mobile Workstation with HP's New Envy 15: Manufactured from Recycled Ocean Plastic, GeForce RTX, 17 Hours Battery Life, and 32GB RAM!

HP has heard the creatives' demands and now bring a massive mobile workstation with an Envy 15 made from recycled ocean plastic, using a GeForce RTX, having 17hrs Battery Life, Running on 32GB RAM, and using the 10th generation i9 Intel Core processor!

by Urian

Apple MacBook Picks Air Versus April 24 Pro: Air with 8GB RAM or Pro with 16GB RAM? Air with 128GB SSD and 256GB SSD or Pro with 512GB SSD?

What to Buy: Apple MacBook Air 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and 256GB SSD, or New MacBook Pro 16GB SSD, 512GB SSD?

Apple's MacBook Pro is soon releasing on Amazon this April 24 and if you have not yet decided whether or not you are sold out and getting it, you might want to check this article before buying.

by Urian

Apple's iPad Pro Gets an All New Magic Keyboard for $299! Is the Price Worth It?

Apple's iPad Pro Gets a $299 Magic Keyboard! Worth It?

The Apple iPad Pro is getting a new Magic Keyboard that is supposed to sell at $299! Is this keyboard worth it?

by Urian

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