Tech Reporter Advises Against the Use of Nightmare Robot Dog to Help Frontliners: Suggests there are Other Existing Alternatives

Should Hospitals Use Nightmare Robot Dogs to Help Frontliners? Tech Reporter in Dismay

Although Boston Dynamics may just want to offer their help during the ongoing pandemic, a particular tech reporter advises against the use of their nightmare dog, Spot.

by Urian

Two Russian Air Force Fighters Spotted Flying Over a US Destroyer were Intercepted by a Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet

Belgian F-16 Fighter Jet Intercepts Two Russian Air Force Fighters Flying Over US Destroyer!

A certain Belgian F-16 fighter jet was able to intercept two different Russian air force fighter jets that were seen flying over a US Destroyer!

by Urian

Facebook's AI Runs 5x Faster on GPUs and Now Beats Google: What on Earth Could Facebook Be Capable of Doing Now?

Facebook's AI Beats Google: Runs 5x Faster on GPUs!

Facebook's new AI called the RegNet works much faster than Google's EfficientNet! What could be next for Facebook?

by Urian

NASA Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx to touch-down on asteroid Bennu

Asteroid Contact: NASA To Perform 'Checkpoint Rehearsal' As OSIRIS-REx Temporarily Lands To Take Sample Of 'Bennu'

NASA's Spacecraft OSIRIS'REx set to touch-down on Asteroid Bennu to take samples to bring home.

by Renz

Pillars of Creation as captured by Hubble Telecope

NASA Shows 'Pillars Of Creation' Being Devoured By Stars In This Stunning New Infrared Photograph

Stunning image of Pillars of Creation as NASA's Hubble Telescope redefines that discovery with the use of infrared light in this stunning photograph

by Renz

NASA dreams big with space studies

NASA Program To Utilize $7M In Funding Research, From Stronger Spacecraft To Landing Humans On Mars - What They Have Planned Will Blow You Away

NASA looks to increase our capabilities with studies to find out more about space and its cosmic inhabitants

by Renz

The Gas Giant - Saturn

NASA's Cassini Mission Now Has Strong Evidence Why Saturn's Atmosphere is Scorchingly Hot!

The upper layers in the atmospheres of gas giants such as Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, are hot, similar to Earth's. The similarity ends there, as these giants are much farther from the sun to explain their blazing temperatures. The new mapping of Saturn's upper atmosphere has illustrated the reason why it's so hot.

by Renz

X-Rays Diagnosed by Artificial Intelligence Gives Quicker Results Than Traditional Coronavirus Testing According to Computer Programers

Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Coronavirus From X-Rays Quicker Than Traditional Testing

A new AI technology has been able to detect the coronavirus from analyzing X-rays of the chest! Although this is a more efficient way of testing, more data needs to be collected.

by Urian

Xenobot Micro Organism

Xenobots: The Next Generation of Living Robots

Tuft University has brought together artificial intelligence and molecular biology together. The product of these fields is a kind of life unique to anything seen today. Xenobots are artificially created biological organisms that can be programmed to do specific tasks.

by Renz

This Belgian Pipeline Can Carry 1,500 Gallons of Beer an Hour! Can Robots Change The World?

Belgian Pipeline Carries 1,500 Gallons of Beer per Hour! How Can Robots Change The World?

A Belgian company has been using a pipeline to carry 1,500 gallons of beer to its bottling facility two miles away! How else can autonomous technology increase efficiency?

by Urian

pushing dynamics

Pushy Robots Learn the Fundamentals of Object Manipulation

Systems 'learn' from novel dataset that captures how pushed objects move, to improve their physical interactions with new objects

by Staff Reporter

New robotic suit

New Lightweight, Portable Robotic Suit to Increase Running and Walking Performance

Newly developed robot suit made of fabric vest and wires to help people with restricted mobility to walk or run more efficiently

by Staff Reporter

robot gripper

Giving Robots a Faster Grasp

An algorithm speeds up the planning process robots use to adjust their grip on objects, for picking and sorting, or tool use

by Staff Reporter


Darn You, R2! When Can We Blame Robots?

A recent study from North Carolina State University finds that people are likely to blame robots for workplace accidents, but only if they believe the robots are autonomous.

by Staff Reporter

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