Robot Trajectories (IMAGE)

Stanford Researchers Teach Robots what Humans Want

Told to optimize for speed while racing down a track in a computer game, a car pushes the pedal to the metal ... and proceeds to spin in a tight little circle. Nothing in the instructions told the car to drive straight, and so it improvised.

by Staff

Organic Laser Diode (IMAGE)

Organic Laser Diodes Move From Dream to Reality

Researchers from Japan have demonstrated that a long-elusive kind of laser diode based on organic semiconductors is indeed possible, paving the way for the further expansion of lasers in applications such as biosensing, displays, healthcare, and optical communications.

by Amy Lee

Starfish on the Ocean Floor (IMAGE)

Study Explores the use of Robots and Artificial Intelligence to Understand the Deep-Sea

Artificial intelligence (AI) could help scientists shed new light on the variety of species living on the ocean floor, according to new research led by the University of Plymouth.

by Staff Reporter

Schematic of Proposed Climbing Robot (IMAGE)

Inspired by a Soft Body of a Leech -- a Wall-Climbing Robot

A research team of Dr. Tomoaki Mashimo, Associate Prof. of Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Toyohashi University of Technology, and Dr. Fumiya Iida, a reader in robotics of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, has successfully developed a leech-shaped robot, "LEeCH", which can climb a vertical wall.

by Staff Reporter


New Material also Reveals New Quasiparticles

Researchers at PSI have investigated a novel crystalline material that exhibits electronic properties that have never been seen before. It is a crystal of aluminum and platinum atoms arranged in a special way. In the symmetrically repeating unit cells of this crystal, individual atoms were offset from each other in such a way that they - as connected in the mind's eye - followed the shape of a spiral staircase.

by Staff Reporter

Six-Legged Robot Runs Faster Than Natural Ones

Six-Legged Robot Runs Faster Than Natural Ones

Robotics have come a long way. Now a six-legged robot runs faster than natural ones.

by Rodney Rafols

An Intelligent Service Robot Works In The Agriculture Bank Of China In Wenling

Bill Gates: Job Stealing Robots Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates cited his idea on how to resolve the problem about the job stealing robots. He introduced the idea of a universal basic income. Where taxes collected from the robots will be used as fund for the rest of the society.

by Irene Guerrero

InterDrone Conference For Commercial Drones Held In Las Vegas

Drone Bees May Take Over Pollination Functions As Performed By Real Bees

Considering the decline in bees and other natural flower pollinators in the US, Japan and other parts of the world, scientists are hard put to the task of creating artificial pollinators such as drones to help undertake the task of pollinating flowers for crop yield. This idea of drone pollinators is still in its infancy, but it is already being tested in several parts of the world, and promises to be perfect with time.

by Charles Omedo

Women Thrive in Computer Science at California College

Small Robot That Gracefully Performs Tai Chi Movements, Programed By A Woman

Tai chi is a noncompetitive martial art known for both its defense techniques and its health benefits. A student, Jane Wu at Harvey Mudd College in California, was able to write instruction codes for a small robot to gracefully perform Tai Chi movements.

by Irene Guerrero

Engineers Create Robotic Bat That Flies Just Like The Real Thing

Engineers Create Robotic Bat That Flies Just Like The Real Thing

The first of its kind, a team of engineers has developed a flying robot which mimics the structure and flight of real bats.

by Allan Alforte

Robot Reporter Gets Its First News Article Published

Robot Journalist In China Makes Debut; Writes 300-Character Article In 1 Second

A robot journalist in China published its first article in daily tabloid newspaper in Guangzhou City called Southern Metropolis Daily. The robot can write a 300 character article in one second

by Anne Dominguez

Premiere Of HBO's 'Westworld' - After Party

'Westworld' Robots In Real Life: Japan Creates Robot With Artificial Muscles

'Westworld' robots are not far from reality. Japan creates a robot with artificial human skeleton and muscles. Meanwhile, China presents its first humanoid robot which can mimic human expressions.

by Anne Dominguez

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

LG Robot: New Hub Robot To Rival Amazon Echo, Google Home Personal Assistant

New LG robot equipped with artificial intelligence technology is set to conquer the market. Other LG new products also include a robot which can manage the lawn and provide costumer informantion in hotels and airports.

by Anne Dominguez

South Korean Robot Company Builds A Manned Walking Robot

'Transformers' In Real Life: First Manned Robot To Be On Sale In 2017

Engineers have created a robot like in the "Transformers" in real life. This gigantic manned robot will available for sale by the end of 2017.

by Anne Dominguez

People Enjoy Warm Weather In Odaiba

Avatar Giant Robot In South Korea Takes Its First Steps

Avatar giant robot called Method- two was secretly being developed in South Korea for two years. The company initiated an initial test Tuesday, with 30 hard working engineers.

by Ayin Badz

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