President Obama Speaks About Manufacturing Innovation Institutes In East Room Of White House

Brain Implant Helps Man Feel Sensation On Robotic Arm; Shakes Hands With Obama

A man who is paralyzed from the neck down is now able to feel sensation again thanks to his advanced robotic arm.

by J Russ I.


NASA’s RASSOR Rover to Dig and Mine on Mars

Meet RASSOR, the new robot to be sent to the Red Planet soon.

by Richmoon

Toyota's talking robot

Toyota Unveils Tiny Talking Robot

Toyota unveils Kirobo, a tiny companion robot.

by Victor Thomson

A 3D Printed Object

Researchers Develop New Programmable 3D-Printing Technique To Customize Robot, Drone Properties

The properties of 3D printed objects can now be customized thanks to a new 3D printing technique.

by Jiran

Nissan Opens Tochigi Plant Production Line

Toyota To Sell Companion Robot Kirobo Mini For $400

Toyota's tiny robot has the intelligence of a 5-years-old kid, can determine emotions and move like a human being.

by Luis Fran

An Artificial Intelligence Advancement

IBM And MIT Work Together On A New Artificial Intelligence Advancement

Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to understand things like a human does.

by Jiran

Artificial Intelligene

Artificial Intelligence: On Tearing Down Troll Tyranny

Against the careless mischief of internet trolls, Conversation Al is here to save the day.

by Joana Verdeflor

NASA's Curiosity Rover Mars Mission

NASA Owes Mars Explorations To These Amazing Robots

These robots have been instrumental in NASA's relentless search of life in Mars.

by Jiran


Cyborgs Possible Thanks To New Brain Implant

New horizons in cyborg future are opened by brain implant.

by Victor Thomson

First Autonomous Soft Robot Built By Harvard Team

First Autonomous Soft Robot Built By Harvard Team

A team of researchers from Harvard built the first entirely autonomous soft robot, Octobot.

by Victor Thomson

Robots Predicted To Dominate The US Labor Force By 2036

Robots Predicted To Dominate The US Labor Force By 2036

With today's advancements in technology, the likelihood of robots ruling the earth becomes more realistic than ever.

by Jomar Teves

Modes of Travel - Photo Illustrations

Robot Lawyer Helps Drivers Avoid Getting Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are a nuisance, particularly because of the timing issue and the repercussions that come with it. Fortunately, a teenager has found a way around the system.

by Adie Pie

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