2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

LG Robot: New Hub Robot To Rival Amazon Echo, Google Home Personal Assistant

New LG robot equipped with artificial intelligence technology is set to conquer the market. Other LG new products also include a robot which can manage the lawn and provide costumer informantion in hotels and airports.

by Anne Dominguez

South Korean Robot Company Builds A Manned Walking Robot

'Transformers' In Real Life: First Manned Robot To Be On Sale In 2017

Engineers have created a robot like in the "Transformers" in real life. This gigantic manned robot will available for sale by the end of 2017.

by Anne Dominguez

People Enjoy Warm Weather In Odaiba

Avatar Giant Robot In South Korea Takes Its First Steps

Avatar giant robot called Method- two was secretly being developed in South Korea for two years. The company initiated an initial test Tuesday, with 30 hard working engineers.

by Ayin Badz

Army Explosives Team Destroys Roadside Bombs In Iraq

Killer Robots: United Nations To Ban Weaponized AI

The UN’s intervention and possible ban on the use of killer robots on the modern battlefield may avert humanity from an apocalyptic scenario.

by Allan Alforte

2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Sex Robots: The Hidden Pitfalls Of Relying On Robots For Sexual Satisfaction

Recenlty, sex robots are getting popular as companions for humans in the bedroom, but what are the risks involved? Experts weigh in on the hidden dangers of relying on robots for sexual bliss.

by Duna Bil

Robotic Arm Now Controlled By The Mind

Robotic Arm Now Controlled By The Mind

Robotics are becoming more advanced. It is possible for a robotic arm now controlled by the mind.

by Rodney Rafols

New Robot Could Touch Like Humans

New Robot Could Touch Like Humans

Robotics has come a long way. Now robots are much closer in movement to humans. A new robot has been made that could touch like humans even.

by Rodney Rafols

Meet Salto: Most Vertically Agile Robot Ever

Meet Salto: Most Vertically Agile Robot Ever

Robotics is getting to be more advanced. Now there are robots that act more naturally. Meet Salto, the most vertically agile robot ever made so far.

by Rodney Rafols

Apple Harvest Underway In Brandenburg

Researchers Develop 'IdaBot': Will Robots In Farming Replace Farmers?

As robotic technology develops more and more of the autonomous machines are permeating various sectors of the market. Robots in farming have been on the rise in recent years that helped decrease workload for people. However, the concern is that will these robots eventually take the jobs away from hard-working individuals?

by J Russ I.

Putin, Hollande, Merkel And Poroshenko Meet Over Ukraine Peace Plan

Russian Military To Use Robotic Caterpillar MRP-300 As Secret Weapon

A new “caterpillar” bot has recently been unveiled by Russia that could be used in rescue operations or help in certain Russian military missions. The machine boasts an array of capabilities including a unique set of wheels that allows it to traverse difficult terrains with ease.

by J Russ I.

World Robot Conference 2016 Reveals AI That Can Mimic Human Brains

World Robot Conference 2016 Reveals AI That Can Mimic Human Brains

The World Robot Conference 2016 have amazed attendees with the array of advanced machines displayed during the event. One such robot is capable of understanding the intricacies of a human brain and can analyze several languages, factors which helped it come on top as the best robot with the best human-computer interaction technology.

by J Russ I.

Matt Mullen Creating a Sex Robot That Uses Technology to Mimic Sentience

University In London To Host Sex Robot Festival After Being Banned By Malaysia

A sex robot festival is to be held at a university in London after it was banned in Malaysia. The event will take place this December and will feature talks from academics and industry professionals involved in pushing this technology forward.

by J Russ I.

Keel-laying Ceremony Takes Place For The RRS Sir David Attenborough

UK’S ‘Boaty McBoatface’ To Travel Autonomously For Months In The Arctic

A submarine called Boaty McBoatface is scheduled to take a daunting journey across the vast water of the Antarctic. While the voyage will not take place soon, the sub is to help out scientists conducting research on the North Sea and the Southern Ocean in the wake of its success of completing a series of advanced sea trials.

by J Russ I.

Asteroid hitting earth

Killer Asteroid 2016: Multiple Threats Confirmed By NASA, Anti-Asteroid Initiative In Motion

Is the Earth coming to an end? Is it just another hoax or something that we have to be serious about? Find out what experts have to say.

by Sai


Motorrad Vision Next 100: Could This Motorbike Save Your Life?

The transition of BMW's motorbikes can be the ride of the future.

by Lester Mondragon

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