World Robot Conference 2016 Reveals AI That Can Mimic Human Brains

World Robot Conference 2016 Reveals AI That Can Mimic Human Brains

The World Robot Conference 2016 have amazed attendees with the array of advanced machines displayed during the event. One such robot is capable of understanding the intricacies of a human brain and can analyze several languages, factors which helped it come on top as the best robot with the best human-computer interaction technology.

by J Russ I.

Matt Mullen Creating a Sex Robot That Uses Technology to Mimic Sentience

University In London To Host Sex Robot Festival After Being Banned By Malaysia

A sex robot festival is to be held at a university in London after it was banned in Malaysia. The event will take place this December and will feature talks from academics and industry professionals involved in pushing this technology forward.

by J Russ I.

Keel-laying Ceremony Takes Place For The RRS Sir David Attenborough

UK’S ‘Boaty McBoatface’ To Travel Autonomously For Months In The Arctic

A submarine called Boaty McBoatface is scheduled to take a daunting journey across the vast water of the Antarctic. While the voyage will not take place soon, the sub is to help out scientists conducting research on the North Sea and the Southern Ocean in the wake of its success of completing a series of advanced sea trials.

by J Russ I.

Asteroid hitting earth

Killer Asteroid 2016: Multiple Threats Confirmed By NASA, Anti-Asteroid Initiative In Motion

Is the Earth coming to an end? Is it just another hoax or something that we have to be serious about? Find out what experts have to say.

by Sai


Motorrad Vision Next 100: Could This Motorbike Save Your Life?

The transition of BMW's motorbikes can be the ride of the future.

by Lester Mondragon

KOBI: Fully Autonomous All Season Lawn Maintenance Robot

Kobi Introduces 3-In-1 Robot That Mows Grass, Cleans Leaves And Shoves Snow

A 3-in-1 robot designed to do yard work is scheduled to hit the market next year.

by J Russ I.

Anki's Cozmo

You’ll Fall For Anki's Tiny Cozmo Robot

Anki's tiny Cozmo is an adorable robot that anyone will love.

by Victor Thomson

Japanese Robot Designed To Sweat To Address Heating Issues

Japan Builds Sweating Robot, Increases Machine's Overall Performance

Japanese researchers addressed a cooling issue of their robot by having it sweat to reduce generated heat. it worked like a charm.

by J Russ I.

President Obama Speaks About Manufacturing Innovation Institutes In East Room Of White House

Brain Implant Helps Man Feel Sensation On Robotic Arm; Shakes Hands With Obama

A man who is paralyzed from the neck down is now able to feel sensation again thanks to his advanced robotic arm.

by J Russ I.


NASA’s RASSOR Rover to Dig and Mine on Mars

Meet RASSOR, the new robot to be sent to the Red Planet soon.

by Richmoon

Toyota's talking robot

Toyota Unveils Tiny Talking Robot

Toyota unveils Kirobo, a tiny companion robot.

by Victor Thomson

A 3D Printed Object

Researchers Develop New Programmable 3D-Printing Technique To Customize Robot, Drone Properties

The properties of 3D printed objects can now be customized thanks to a new 3D printing technique.

by Jiran

Nissan Opens Tochigi Plant Production Line

Toyota To Sell Companion Robot Kirobo Mini For $400

Toyota's tiny robot has the intelligence of a 5-years-old kid, can determine emotions and move like a human being.

by Luis Fran

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