First Autonomous Soft Robot Built By Harvard Team

First Autonomous Soft Robot Built By Harvard Team

A team of researchers from Harvard built the first entirely autonomous soft robot, Octobot.

by Victor Thomson

Robots Predicted To Dominate The US Labor Force By 2036

Robots Predicted To Dominate The US Labor Force By 2036

With today's advancements in technology, the likelihood of robots ruling the earth becomes more realistic than ever.

by Jomar Teves

Modes of Travel - Photo Illustrations

Robot Lawyer Helps Drivers Avoid Getting Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are a nuisance, particularly because of the timing issue and the repercussions that come with it. Fortunately, a teenager has found a way around the system.

by Adie Pie

Planet Mars Shows Signs Of Liquid Water

NASA News: Curiosity Mars Rover Gets Mind Of Its Own; Can Choose Its Own Laser Targets

Autonomous selection of targets already made possible through Curiosity Mars Rover. Examination of the images of targets provided by the rover makes it convenient to check signs of life on Mars.

by Staff Reporter

Designer Yves Behar

Robotic Furniture System Coming To Market

New robotic furniture aims to make studio living more than bearable.

by Victor Thomson

Bionic arm

LUKE Advanced Bionic Arm To Be Launched This Year

Mobius Bionics will launch the LUKE bionic arm later this year.

by Victor Thomson

Anki's Cozmo

Anki's AI-Powered Toy Robot Is Opening Cozmo Code To Anyone To Use

Anki aims to open the AI code to anyone with its upcoming Cozmo robot.

by Victor Thomson

Anki's Cozmo robot

Meet Anki's AI-Powered Cozmo Robot

Anki has launched a smart robotic toy called Cozmo.

by Victor Thomson

Boston Dynamics' robot

Boston Dynamics Unveils SpotMini Robot

Boston Dynamics has revealed its domestic companion robot called SpotMini.

by Victor Thomson

Export-Import Bank Holds 2014 Annual Conference

Elon Musk's Bright Idea To Prevent Robots From Taking Over The World

Elon Musk wants microchip upgrades implanted in humans to prevent an AI apocalypse.

by Andrew Collins

China Raises Interest Rates For Sixth Time This Year

Google AI AlphaGo vs No. 1 Go Player Ke Jie: Who Will Prosper, Machine or Human?

It will be man versus machine in the upcoming Go Championship this weekend. The world’s number 1, Ke Jie, will faceoff against Google’s AI, AlphaGo.

by Adie Pieraz

Google To Create Self-Destruct Button To Shut Off AI Robots That Threaten Humanity

Google To Create Self-Destruct Button To Shut Off AI Robots That Threaten Humanity

Google's AI division thinks a fail-safe in the form of a "big red button" is essential to shut off AI that, for one reason or another, ends up killing humans. Will the world really need the self-destruct button?

by m blanco

ASUS logo

Asus Unveils Its Zenbo Robot At Computex 2016

At Computex 2016, Asus revealed its new Zenbo robot for home.

by Victor Thomson

Jonney Shih

Zenbo Launched By Asus For Only $599

Zenbo, the 2-foot tall robot has the ability to talk, receive verbal commands, play games, take photographs and more.

by Aunindita Bhatia

Artificial intelligence

The Dawn Of Self-Aware AI? Computers To Have Their Own Basic Rights Soon, Expert Says

An expert foresees the need to give computers human rights. Is self-aware artificial intelligence just around the bend?

by Andrew Collins

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