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Do You Regret Posts You Made On Facebook Long Ago? Here's How You Can Hide Them Easily!

Facebook's new Manage Activity settings had made it easy to hide some embarrassing posts that you probably have made many years ago. Here's how you can do it!

by Jared N.

17-Year-Old is Now Being Harassed for Filming George Floyd's Death Instead of Fighting the Cops

17-Year-Old is Now Being Harassed for Filming George Floyd's Death

Darnella Frazier, the 17-year-old, who filmed George Floyd's death is now receiving backlash on social media for filming instead of fighting the cops.

by Urian

[Hack] How to Bypass the New Facebook Identification Measures for Viral Accounts

Facebook Identification Measures Just Got More Stringent for Viral Accounts

Facebook comes out with additional identification measures for viral accounts, here's how to bypass it.

by Urian

Little Astronauts Put on Their Suits in Anticipation for SpaceX Launch

Little Astronauts Suit up for SpaceX's Dragon Launch

As the supposed SpaceX Dragon launch nears last May 27, mothers Priscilla Reyes and Estrella Martinez have shared on Facebook photos of their adorable kids suiting up as little astronauts on the internet!

by Urian

How to Make Music on Facebook's Upcoming Tik-Tok Inspired App Called Collab

How to Make Music on Facebook with the New Tik-Tok Inspired App Called Collab

Facebook has an upcoming TikTok-inspired app called Collab for music makers! Here's how to use it and create your music.

by Urian

Social media network Twitter is popular all over the world

Twitter Users Can Now Turn Off Replies, But Why Do Some Complain?

Social media network Twitter is now letting its users disable replies to their tweets to avoid trolls. Is this a good or bad thing?

by Jared N.

 Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Appears when you Type @[4:0]

Try This! Type @[4:0] and Mark Zuckerberg Appears: Magic or Bug?

A lot of Facebook posts suggest that if you try to type @[4:0] in the comment or post section, the name of the social media giant Mark Zuckerberg will appear. True enough. Why is that?

by Staff Reporter

Google Duo Upgrades their Video Conferencing Feature: Could Zoom be in Trouble?

Could Google Duo's New Feature Beat Zoom?

With new competition just around the block as Google Duo aims to increase the number of participants, it looks like Zoom has another competition on the way.

by Urian

Step by Ste: How to Activate Facebook Darkmode

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

Facebook's new dark mode is coming soon and if you want to learn how to activate Facebook dark mode, here's how!

by Urian

Ambulance Does Popular

Ambulance Does Popular TikTok "Coffin Dance" with Coronavirus "Patient": Too Dark?

A group of ambulance workers attempted to do the "coffin dance" on TikTok and were met with backlash. Check out the video!

by Urian

Sundance? Shudder? CuriosityStream? YouTube TV is Giving Out Free Trials for an Entire Month! Check Out What They Have to Offer

Free YouTube TV for 1 Month? Here's How to Get CuriosityStream, Shudder, Sundance Now, and More!

YouTube TV has just recently announced that their free trials will now last an entire month! Check out Sundance, Shudder, CuriosityStream, and more!

by Urian

Playstation Gamers are Fine While Xbox Live is Down! Microsoft Corporation's XboxSuport Gives Their Response

Why is Xbox Live Down? Microsoft Corporation's XboxSupport Give Response

While PlayStation gamers seem to be doing fine, Xbox Live has been having problems. Microsoft Corporation's XboxSupport has already addressed the matter.

by Urian

Viral Video on Facebook Suggesting Kim Jong Un's Funeral is a Haux: Leader may just be Avoiding the Coronavirus

Video Suggesting Kim Jong Un's Funeral Went Viral Amid Claims The Dictator Isn't Dead and May be Trying to Avoid Coronavirus

There is a viral video circulating Facebook that suggests the funeral of a North Korean leader except, this is not the video of Kim Jong Un. Recent reports suggest he may be hiding from the coronavirus.

by Urian

SpaceX Starship SN4 Psses the Cryogenic Proof Test: Could Elon Musk's New Rocket Pass the Next Static Fire Test?

[VIDEO] SpaceX Starship SN4 is Now Cryo Proof! Elon Musk's New Rocket Passes Initial Test

It's a good day for Elon Musk as the Starship SN4 has finally passed the cryo proof test! SpaceX will now be advancing to the next stage, the static fire test!

by Urian

Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Message Sending Fails, Lags, and etc.: Discord is Causing Problems

90% of Discord Users Down: Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Etc.

Discord has been reported down by many irritated users online. Reports of server connection issues, login problems, message sending fails, and etc. are now rampant.

by Urian

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