Step by Ste: How to Activate Facebook Darkmode

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

Facebook's new dark mode is coming soon and if you want to learn how to activate Facebook dark mode, here's how!

by Urian

Ambulance Does Popular

Ambulance Does Popular TikTok "Coffin Dance" with Coronavirus "Patient": Too Dark?

A group of ambulance workers attempted to do the "coffin dance" on TikTok and were met with backlash. Check out the video!

by Urian

Sundance? Shudder? CuriosityStream? YouTube TV is Giving Out Free Trials for an Entire Month! Check Out What They Have to Offer

Free YouTube TV for 1 Month? Here's How to Get CuriosityStream, Shudder, Sundance Now, and More!

YouTube TV has just recently announced that their free trials will now last an entire month! Check out Sundance, Shudder, CuriosityStream, and more!

by Urian

Playstation Gamers are Fine While Xbox Live is Down! Microsoft Corporation's XboxSuport Gives Their Response

Why is Xbox Live Down? Microsoft Corporation's XboxSupport Give Response

While PlayStation gamers seem to be doing fine, Xbox Live has been having problems. Microsoft Corporation's XboxSupport has already addressed the matter.

by Urian

Viral Video on Facebook Suggesting Kim Jong Un's Funeral is a Haux: Leader may just be Avoiding the Coronavirus

Video Suggesting Kim Jong Un's Funeral Went Viral Amid Claims The Dictator Isn't Dead and May be Trying to Avoid Coronavirus

There is a viral video circulating Facebook that suggests the funeral of a North Korean leader except, this is not the video of Kim Jong Un. Recent reports suggest he may be hiding from the coronavirus.

by Urian

SpaceX Starship SN4 Psses the Cryogenic Proof Test: Could Elon Musk's New Rocket Pass the Next Static Fire Test?

[VIDEO] SpaceX Starship SN4 is Now Cryo Proof! Elon Musk's New Rocket Passes Initial Test

It's a good day for Elon Musk as the Starship SN4 has finally passed the cryo proof test! SpaceX will now be advancing to the next stage, the static fire test!

by Urian

Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Message Sending Fails, Lags, and etc.: Discord is Causing Problems

90% of Discord Users Down: Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Etc.

Discord has been reported down by many irritated users online. Reports of server connection issues, login problems, message sending fails, and etc. are now rampant.

by Urian

Facebook Accounts Compromised

Security Breach: Facebook Falls Victim To Hacker Gaining Access To And Selling Private Information of More Than 267 Million Social Media Users In The Black Market for $600

Facebook users at risk of having their personal information used against them as hackers sell off more than 267 million users' data on the dark web for $600

by Renz

Man Who Claimed that

Ohio Man Who Said "COVID-19 is a Political Ploy" on Facebook Died of Coronavirus

A certain man who has previously said that COVID-19 is just a political ploy has recently passed away to the very virus he disbelieved.

by Urian

Mash the Doggo Gets a Disastrous Haircut at Home! #QuarantineHaircut #Doggo

[Instagram] Doggo Haircut Gone Wrong! #QuarantineHaircut #Doggo

A now-viral post on Instagram shows two photos of a certain pomeranian before and after receiving a disastrous haircut!

by Urian

Mother of Two Breaks Both Ankles While Trying the Oh Na Na Na Challenge on TikTok

Mother Tries Oh Na Na Na TikTok and Breaks Both Ankles

A mother of two has reportedly broken two of her angles in attempting to do the Oh Na Na Na challenge made popular on TikTok.

by Urian

Facebook Gaming App Aims to Dominate Mobile Gaming Streaming Market: Are Twitch and YouTube in Trouble

Twitch and YouTube in Trouble? Facebook Plans to Release Own Gaming App for Mobile Gaming

Facebook may have found a niche in the game streaming industry and aims to target it with everything they have! The new Facebook Gaming could be a huge step forward for Mobile Gaming in general.

by Urian

Adorable Trends on Social Media: Blind Dog Plays Dead Trying to Convince Owner Not to Go Home During Lockdown!

[VIRAL VIDEO] Smart Blind Dog Plays Dead Since He Does Not Want To Go Home During Lockdown

A blind dog named Blue tries to get smart with his owner by playing dead in order to extend his time outdoors. Blue believes he has everyone fooled!

by Urian

Sorority Sisters Who Partied on Spring Break Recieve

Parents Defend Sorority Sisters Who Partied on Spring Break from "Eat the Rich" Social Media Backlash: Matthew McConaughey has a Message

The sorority sisters who have just recently partied on Spring Break have been receiving nasty backlash on social media while parents try to defend them. Matthew McConaughey has a message.

by Urian

What Happened to PostMates' App and Website? Ubereats and Doordash are Also Reported Down As Well

Postmates is Down! Ubereats and Doordash Reported Down As Well: What Happened?

Just recently, the Postmates app, as well as the website, stopped working and a lot of citizens are now concerned because of their reliance on this service. Ubereats and Doordash are reported down as well.

by Urian

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