Nintendo Switch Is Clever It Can Locate Your Lost Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch recently received an update and one of its new features is the ability to locate missing Joy-Con controllers. The Version 3.00 is the biggest Switch system update by far and it comes with a number of other intriguing features.

First off, users who easily misplace things don't have to fret about tracking down their missing Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons now come with a vibration function which can be activated through the Switch console's controller menu. Simply go to the "Find Controller" option and select any of the controllers paired to the Switch to make it vibrate and produce a honk-like sound.

Other new features brought about by the latest Nintendo Switch update include the ability to add friends from the user's Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Friend Lists, get notifications when Friends are online, change the user icon order on the Home Menu, change display colors to Invert Colors or Grayscale, and to change the system volume via Quick Settings. Polygon also listed down the other new features of the Switch which are registering a channel to get updates on certain games, decreasing the maximum volume for headphone o speakers connected to the audio jack, and choosing any of the six new characters in Splatoon 2 as the user icon, among others.

Those still aching for a Nintendo Switch will be delighted to know that GameStop is set to receive new stocks of the hard-to-find hybrid console. According to Forbes, the Switch will be made available as a standalone console for $299.99. This means fans can purchase without bundles. Check out local GameStop outlets to see if they have already restocked on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is also available from the GameStop website but there is a hitch. Those who are buying online will have to shell out more as the Switch comes in bundles. The Nintendo Switch bundle with "ARMS" and Switch accessories is available for $462.99.

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