Clash Of Clans Latest News: Supercell Changes Builder Hall 6 Update After Gamers Reacted To Demo Tests

The latest news about Clash of Clans indicates that Supercell is making additional changes to its Builder Hall 6 update. Apparently, these changes were made after gamers gave their reactions to the demo trials of the game. Fans will recall that the developer has recently announced that it will roll out its Builder Hall 6 upgrade soon.

There Will Be No Additional Army Camp

Supercell stated in its original announcement that there will be an additional Army Camp in Builder Hall 6. But the latest news indicates that no such thing will be added to Clash of Clans. The game developer said that if this item is added to the game, it will make it too offense-heavy.

The Night Witch Will Be Nerfed Instead

Another supposed change to the Night Witch will not be implemented in Clash of Clans. Supercell initially said that this character will be buffed. But the latest news is that she will be nerfed instead. Rather than increasing her base HP to 250, it will be reduced to just 200. Additionally, her bat swarm when she dies will be reduced as well. From the original maximum of eight bats, her bat swarm will be reduced to a maximum of six.

Some observers believe that these changes made by Supercell to Clash of Clans before they actually release the upgrade show its willingness to listen to the feedback provided by its fan base. Supercell has already done the same thing previously when it changed the stats on the Bats Card of Clash Royale before releasing them in public.

Fans Want Modifications On The Clock Tower Changes

The latest news also indicates that fans of Clash of Clans were also concerned about the changes made on the Clock Tower. They felt that the game developer is taking away too much benefit from players by reducing the duration in half, and also reducing the speed-up multiplier. However, as of now, it is not certain if Supercell will modify these changes. Fans are hoping that these kinds of modifications on the upgrade will be implemented before its scheduled release date on July 1.

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