Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Rolls Out New Teaser For Upcoming Episode Ignis DLC; Teases Release Date

Gamers who were able to complete Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto were treated with a teaser for the game's next DLC. Now, the latest news indicates that a trailer for the next update titled Episode Ignis DLC is out on the internet and it shows the intelligent friend and adviser of Noctis in some kind of danger. This teaser trailer seems to portray a dark chapter in Ignis' life.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Is Already Live?

The latest news also says that the Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC is already live in some areas. That is probably the reason for the trailer of Episode Ignis being available online. The teaser also hinted about the DLC's release date. It seems that it's going to be in December when this upgrade hits the streets.

The Trailer Shows Ignis In Trouble

The teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis DLC is only less than a minute long. But it shows Ignis down on the wet ground (because it's raining) with a group of armed thugs holding him there. The very familiar face of the game's primary villain is looking down at him menacingly. No uncertainty about it, but it sure looks like Ignis is down and out of luck in this upcoming upgrade.

The thugs were the magitek soldiers of Niflheim led by Ardyn Izunia. This villain appears to be happy that they have captured Ignis who seemed to be separated from his three friends, Noctis, Gladiolus, and Prompto. Apart from the things featured in the teaser trailer, no other information about this upcoming Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis DLC is available at this time.

Square Enix Might Share More Info At Gamescom

Episode Prompto of Final Fantasy XV is supposed to launch on June 27 on Xbox One and PS4. There are rumors suggesting that Square Enix will be issuing some announcements at the upcoming Gamescom in August. Will the announcement include more details about Episode Ignis? Fans will just have to wait for that latest news on this upcoming DLC.

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