Final Fantasy XV: Massive Update 1.12 Goes Live; New Off-Road Regalia Type-D Now Available

According to the latest news, players of Final Fantasy XV will have more flexibility traveling the open world of the game. There is a massive update 1.12 coming that among others, will transform the normal vehicle used by the game's characters into the new off-road Regalia Type-D.

The Off-Road Regalia Type-D Can Go Anywhere

This upcoming Final Fantasy XV update 1.12 is a hefty update that will take around 8.65 GB of hard disk space on PS4. Before downloading this update, gamers need to be sure that there is enough room in their storage space. Once they have this Regalia Type-D, they can now travel any kind of road, and even go to places where no roads are existing.

The off-road Regalia Type-D looks like a big truck with huge off-road tires. Gamers can drive it in ordinary roads, on rocky mountain, on rivers, and even let it fly through the air. Given the special capabilities of this car, gamers can expect to enjoy a different kind gaming experience as they explore Final Fantasy XV's open world.

Cindy Will Convert The Car

All the gamers need to do to get this off-roader in Final Fantasy XV is to drive their car to Hammerhead, where Cindy's car shop is located. She will offer to convert the Regalia into the Type-D. The latest news also indicates that this update 1.12 will also add the music from Episode Prompto to the music player.

Square Enix has also shared some information about the patch notes of Final Fantasy XV update 1.12. Aside from the features already mentioned above, the patch notes also include various bug fixes, addition of compatibility with Episode Prompto, and the conclusion of survey regarding future updates.

Square Enix has also released a teaser trailer of Final Fantasy XV update 1.12. This trailer shows how gamers can use the new off-road Regalia Type-D. Based on what the trailer showed, this converted car can go almost anywhere. It can even take to the air and land with no broken bones, so to speak.

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