Titanfall 2 War Games Update Goes Live; Details Here

Recently, Titanfall 2 War Games update went live. This update brings two new maps and a third weapon slot for Pilots. The game developer has also shared some details on this new patch explaining the additions, changes and fixes that were made in the game.

Players Will Be Able To Customize The Game

Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the game, released the Titanfall 2 War Games update on June 27. With this update, players will find that the game has more Private Match settings. This will enable them to customize their gameplay such as choosing score and time limits whether there are Pilot boosts or not.

The War Games update also made some changes to the Evac ship. When all living players are onboard, it will immediately depart, making it harder for the opposing team to shoot them out of the sky. That means, with this latest update, the chances of survival are increased.

The Main Map Will Give Pilots More Challenges

Titanfall 2 War Games update comes with a main map of an urban setting developed inside a pilot simulator pod. This map contains multi-story buildings with large windows located on wide-open city streets. There are bridges between the buildings where pilots can perform wall-running.

Apparently, there's also a new Easter Egg in the Glitch map of the Titanfall 2 War Games update. Some players believe that it will be discovered by an enterprising gamer and consequently post it online. Other modifications are somewhat insignificant such as the Amped Weapons with reduced damage points, the CTF HUD being optimized, and a 30-second timer.

However, the most interesting change in Titanfall 2 War Games update is the third weapon slot for pilots. With this change, pilots are now able to deploy an anti-tank item. In other words, instead of just a pistol, they now have a suitable weapon that can take down a big tank.

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