Pokemon Sun And Moon 7th Global Mission Is Now Live; Rewards And Bonuses At Stake

Pokemon Sun and Moon's seventh Global Mission is now open to all trainers around the world. This current global mission is called "Defend Your Champion Title." That means gamers need to defend their Pokemon League Champion Title to earn whatever reward is at stake.

Players Need To Defend Their Champion Title

The aim of gamers who will join the seventh Global Mission of Pokemon Sun and Moon is for them to collectively earn the Pokemon League Champion title 100,000 times starting on June 25 at 5 p.m. PDT up to July 10 at 4:59 PDT. To earn the League Champion Title, gamers need to face the Elite Four and defeat the current League Champion as well.

Players who will manage to become a Champion at least once will be rewarded with Festival Coins. Those who are members of Pokemon Global Link will earn additional rewards. An account with Pokemon Global Link can be had for free. If they want bigger bonuses, they need to sync their game with this link. Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers have until the end of the seventh Global Mission to create their own accounts.

Joining The Event Is Very Easy

It is quite easy for gamers to participate in the seventh Global Mission of Pokemon Sun and Moon. They need to go to the Festival Plaza inside the game and then enter the castle and talk to the receptionist on the right. The receptionist will give the permission to enter the challenge and give the assurance that every instance that a gamer gets to the top; it will be credited to this mission.

Here Are Some Of The Rewards

If gamers are able to defend the Pokemon League Champion Title 100,000 times, every participant will be rewarded with 2,000 FC. If the gamer is a member of Global Link, he will get 4,000 FC. For those who were only able to defend the title once, they will be rewarded with a Rare Candy. If Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers are able to double the total goal at the end of the seventh Global Mission on July 11, they will be given a Moon Ball each.

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