Final Fantasy XV Latest News: New Spinoff For Mobile Devices Now Available

This Final Fantasy XV latest news reveals that a new spinoff of the game designed for mobile devices is now available. Fans of the game don't have to buy anything since the game is freely downloadable on iOS and Android devices. They can get their copies on Google Play Stores and iTunes.

The Story Will Be Different

The title of this new spinoff is Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. According to the latest news, the story of this new video game will take a different direction from the main story that its fans are familiar with. This new video game was also developed by Square Enix in collaboration with MZ, the creator of Mobile Strike and Game of War: Fire Age.

But It Will Have The Usual Characters

The latest news also indicates that Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is somewhat similar to the two games that were made by MZ. In this new spinoff game, players can join guilds, train their troops, build their own kingdoms and fight other players in real-time battles. Being based primarily on FFXV, this upcoming mobile game will feature Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, Cindy, and other supporting characters in the main game.

The time setting of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is in the futuristic world of Eos. In the original game, this place was created by a race of creatures from a higher dimension. Eos was populated by the Atrals who were physical manifestations of the stars.

This Won't Be The Last Spinoff For Mobiles

The latest news also reveals that Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire won't be the last spinoff of that is being planned by Square Enix for iOS and Android mobile devices this year. SE also revealed that it is also developing King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon. It will serve as a sequel to the King's Knight, the first console game that SE released when it was still an independent company.

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