Elder Scrolls Online Latest News: Five Day ESO Plus Trials Kicks Off, Free Stuff For Online Subscribers This Week

Elder Scrolls Online will kick off the game's ESO Plus Trials this week. In line with this event, Bungie, through Zenimax, announced its plans to offer game fans a free trial of the ESO Plus membership program from July 5 to July 9. The latest news indicates that gamers who are already members of the program will be treated with free Crown Crates just for being there.

Gamers Will Get Their Crown Crates

Non-subscribers will not be left behind since they can try out the paid service until the end of the event. The Elder Scrolls Online five-day ESO Plus Trials will start on July 5 at 7 a.m. PT and will end on July 9 at 8:89 p.m. PT. According to the latest news, program members will get their Crown Crates every day by logging in once a day during the event. These crates contain free goodies ranging from consumables, costumes, pets, mounts and a host of in-game items. The goodies will be delivered to gamers on July 17.

The ESO Plus Program Replaces The Old Online Subscriptions

This ESO Plus program replaced the former Elder Scrolls Online subscriptions in early 2015. Gamers could be a member of the program by paying $15 a month or even less if they choose to pay three or six months in advance. By being a member of the program, a gamer can get unlimited access to all the game's DLC packs namely Thieves Guild, Shadows of the Hist, Imperial City, Dark Brotherhood and Orsinium.

In addition, the Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus membership will allow gamers to get 1,500 Crowns of in-game currency per month, double the amount of furnishings and collectibles they can store in their homes with double bank space, unlimited crafting materials, a ten percent boost to experience, and an exclusive ability to dye costumes. Gamers who are interested in joining this event can go to the Crown Store, locate the featured category and choose "ESO Plus Free Trial."

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