WAZE And INRIX Will Help You In Getting A Parking Slot

What if WAZE and INRIX can help you get into your desired location, faster and safer, would you think twice in trying it out? I wouldn't.

Waze has been an ally or a so-called "best buddy" of every driver, who wants to make travel time shorter especially in the metro. The application, which is owned and developed by Google, still gets a commendation from people who are using it and are satisfied with the app.

With that said, Waze is yet to unfold another feature that every driver has been dreaming of, the "where to park" feature. The application partnered with INRIX, a parking data collector.

According to CNET, The Waze has developed through time, from the way the users approached its desired place up to where the nearest parking lots are. But with the help of INRIX's data, the application can now produce a result regarding availability and pricing of a parking area.

According to the head of business development for the application Waze, Flavia Sasaki Siqueira, the entity will incorporate INRIX's data with its own to further check the accuracy of the information it is producing. The company desires to lower down stress and frustration of drivers by producing this added feature for the application.

Inrix, as stated in The Verge, has been the provider of parking services to leading automakers in the world. Some of these are Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Toyota. It mainly provides parking accessibility, price, and complete visualization. It tells as to where a car is suited to park in.

With the collaboration of Waze and Inrix, which remained user-friendly for the longest time, this team-up have indeed made users happier. This combination of these functions provide ease of parking that is more convenient and less time-consuming. This would also help relieve stress when looking or waiting for a parking slot. With all of these improvements, what's up next for Waze? Can't wait!

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