NBA 2K17: How To Acquire Iron Man, Bone Collector, 7 OH Badge

NBA 2K17 MyPARK Badges are said to be beneficial in executing difficult shots, allow players to do stunts using less energy and more. Among the popular badges are the 7 OH Badge, the Bone Collector and the Winners Only Badge. Acquiring these badges will require the likes of 100 ankle breakers and 50 heats.

The Iron Man Badge in the NBA 2K17 will reportedly allow players to consume less energy when doing an athletic stunt. More difficult to acquire is said to be the bone collector that requires 100 ankle breakers in MyPARK as well as multiple dribbles. Additionally, The 7 OH Badge will allow players to pass energy to teammates with big plays in MyPARK. This badge is said to require 50 highlight plays recorded in NBA 2K17. It should be noted that this may be acquired faster on three point plays.

NBA 2K17 Game Point Badge is analogous to the Closer Badge in MyCareer. The Game Point will give players a bonus hit shot percentage. The player needs to rack up game-winning shots at all times to get this badge.

The Winners Only Badge on NBA 2K17 will let players heat up quickly as long as they are on a winning streak in MyPARK. Additionally, the badge may boost shooting accuracy and may be useful in executing difficult shots like shots from the outside. But first, the player needs to heat up 50 times to acquire this badge.

In other news, Charles Barkley was noticeable missing in NBA 2K17. The "Inside the NBA" co-analyst was once a playable character on the '92 "Dream Team" roster. For the last couple of years, there has been numerous speculations on his absence.

NBA 2K17 reportedly rolled-out with Barkley because he reportedly wanted 2K Sports to give money to retired players. However, rumor has it that Barkley may not be able to stand the idea of doing pretend analysis for digital basketball gaming. It is said that until 2K can set up a fund for the retire players, the co-analyst would not be present to dictate how a MyCareer player is doing at sharing the ball. Watch video about GET NBA 2K17 MyPark BADGES INSTANTLY ! HOW TO GUIDE TO GET SECRET MyPark BADGES.

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