Sony Is Wasting Time On PS4 Pro 4K Support, Says A Game Analyst

PlayStation 4 Pro is roughly two weeks away from its official debut and a lot of fans are already looking to pre-order the new upgraded system of the PS 4. Most of the fans might be enthralled just by having the upgraded system plus its additional HDR and 4K TV support but a game analyst is saying that Sony is wasting its time for the new added feature.

PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Support

Sony already revealed the specs about the upcoming PS 4 Pro but it seems that in the hardware department, it's not much of an upgrade from its predecessor. Nonetheless, it still packs a powerful punch especially with its new chip which Sony didn't officially disclosed as of yet. Although it's true that PlayStation 4 Pro can run games in a 4K resolution, a game analyst is saying that Sony is wasting its time in getting involved to a limited market of 4K gaming.

Michael Pachter, a research analyst, critic and game enthusiast bluntly stated: "4K penetration isn't that great. An in the US, it's probably about 5% of households," he said. "And 4KTVs are still a bit too expensive. I literally just bought a TV, our second room television, and I had a choice between a 55inch Samsung curved 1080p TV for $700, and the same TV in UHD for $1100. And I thought about it, and I realized, it's not worth an additional $400. There's no programming for 4K. There's no broadcast television. I can watch Netflix in 4K, and play games when I get my Scorpio in a year, but do I want a TV for that now? And the answer is, no, I don't. I can afford it, and I didn't do it. So I think it's foolish to chase this small slice of the market. I do know that these tech enthusiasts who are into super high tech, and early adopters, are all drooling about it, and they really want 4K native resolution on their games. But I think that Sony are a mass market consumer electronic manufacturer, and they are going after the biggest slice of the market, which is 1080p."

Essentially, he claims that although the new feature will dominate the market that's seeking for high-end gaming such as that of 4K, it's just basically around 5% of the total US households and apparently, only 20% of those numbers are gamers. In short, the value of the 4K market, as he claims, is insignificant in comparison to HDR. Therefore, the only reason the PlayStation 4 Pro is good at is its HDR or 1080p support.

PlayStation 4 Pro HDR Support

Personally, I am getting the PlayStation 4 Pro primarily because of its 1080p support on its games. I don't have 4K TV and so I do not get any value from the added feature but it's typically handy to have nonetheless. After all, there is more to PlayStation 4 Pro than 4K gaming. And even though we we still don't own a 4K TV, who knows, maybe later we'll win it in a lottery!

All jokes aside, what do you think of Pachter's statement regarding the PlayStation 4 Pro 4K feature? Do you think it's useless and a waste of time? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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