Here's Why Xbox One Is Leading In The Console War As Of 2016

There's countless debate as to what console is the best between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And with the upcoming upgrades of the two platforms, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, it's pretty clear that the battle has yet to be concluded from the two colossal console companies. But just recently, new statistics revealed that Microsoft's Xbox One is leading the sales in North America alone against its rival, Sony PlayStation 4.

For a long time, PlayStation has dominated the console market and was deemed to be better than the Xbox console. But just recently, it came as a surprise that Xbox One has outranked PlayStation 4 in popularity in North America alone as sales of the said platform have surged to tremendous heights. Of course, there's more to numbers that meets the eye and so today, we'll dig deeper as to how Microsoft has seemingly turned the tide of battle into their own favor.

Xbox One Cross-Play

One of the advantages of Xbox One is its Cross-Play feature which enables users that have bought game(s) in one platform to continue playing the same game onto the other one (i.e. Console to PC and vice-versa). This is a great feature especially when your family is trying to use the TV while you're playing a game. Essentially, you can just switch between PC and console whenever you want which is pretty handy in numerous occasions.

Backwards Compatibility

Another great feature about the Xbox One console is its backwards compatibility option which allows you to play games from old generation platform on your current console. It is rumored that in the future, this will also go in conjunction of the Xbox-PC Cross-Play which is an interesting thing to note. We might be able to play games from existing Xbox One and 360 games on our Windows 10 PC soon enough.

EA Service

EA Service is an exclusive feature to Xbox One users which allows its members to have premium access and deals on all of its games including third-party developers. Take note that its premium members were able to play the highly acclaimed Battlefield 1 weeks ahead of its official released thanks to its "Play First" feature. Also, members of EA Service can get special deals from numerous titles which is pretty handy if you're a hardcore game enthusiast.

Exclusive Applications

Another perk of Xbox One is its exclusive titles which include: the Halo franchise, Forza series (recently released Forza Horizon 3) and Gears of War saga (recently released Gears of War 4). These existing titles alongside upcoming games including Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive, makes Xbox One a lot exciting to have for its fans. But let's be honest, Xbox One library is still far-fetched in comparison to the PlayStation exclusives but still, Microsoft has been doing a great job in keeping up against its rival.


Personally, I have both platforms and I'm having a great time with the two consoles. It's just a matter of preference as each console offers almost the same perks and whatnot. But still, numbers don't lie and if Xbox One is leading in sales against the PlayStation 4 then Microsoft has indeed made a significant change on its flagship consoles.

It'll be interesting to know how the PlayStation 4 Pro will par against the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio. I am looking forward how the two console giants will meet head-on in the Q1 of 2017.

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