Nintendo Switch Vs PlayStation 4 Pro: Comparison On Specs, Price And More

With the Nintendo Switch finally receiving an official announcement, it would only mean that Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is getting more rivals, and this still hasn't excluded the promising Xbox One Scorpio of Microsoft. With all the amazing specs that the Switch and the PS4 Pro bring to the table, we weight down on just how the two compare with each other.

The Switch is getting all the spotlight from the PS4 Pro

With the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch, the already declining spotlight of the PlayStation 4 Pro has totally been covered. Still, this does not say that the PlayStation 4 Pro isn't a legitimately powerful console. Recent reports about the PlayStation 4 Pro have also been talking about some factual take on how the 4K industry's current situation. A lot of analysts have been claiming that the effort of 4K being incorporated in console gaming isn't having any great response from the people, especially in the United States.

4k isn't as appealing to console gamers as of the moment

The main reason? It's just way too expensive and unworthy of its price (at the moment). With that said, it would imply that the PlayStation 4 Pro's attempt to actually appeal towards the people by having the 4K feature, even though it seems like an effortless attempt due to its very limited upscale on 4k gaming experience, really wouldn't matter that much in the near future, or even in the long run.

It's all about which is the better buy

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is looking really great, and if the product teasers is any indication, Nintendo is not taking any chances on committing the same mistakes that it did with the Wii U. With everything said, this isn't exactly convincing people that the Nintendo Switch is better than the PlayStation 4 Pro since it is a hybrid device, and the PS4 truly packs a punch when it comes to amazing specs and features. But what we are talking about here is why the Switch could actually be the better purchase overall.

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