Nintendo Switch To Continue 3DS; Latest Updates On Specs And Release Date Revealed

Despite the limited details on its features, what we know so far, which is also the most important one, is that the Nintendo Switch is a console-slash-mobile hybrid that you can definitely play at the comforts of your home, or on the go. We all know that Nintendo already has an on-the-go, portable device, which is the Nintendo 3DS, so people might be thinking that business could be negatively impacted by the upcoming Switch. But it's actually not the case, according to Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima.

3DS will still be rolling

Asked if whether he will discontinue the 3DS, Kimishima made it clear that the 3DS hardware sales are still going up and improving. He also confirmed that the launch of the Switch, though it could possibly have some direct impact on 3DS sales, won't ultimately kill the 3DS lineup. According to him, "Thanks to our software, the 3DS hardware is still improving. So that business still has momentum. And certainly rather than being dominated by the Switch, we think the 3DS will still continue in its own form."

Kimishima said the truth!

It also has been confirmed that what Kimishima stated was, in fact, true. Nintendo has been reported just this week, to have sold over 2.7 million 3DS units during the last quarter, a significant increase compared to the same period just last year. Plus, Nintendo also said that Pokemon Moon and Sun are the "best pre-selling games in Nintendo's history." Regarding the Switch in general, Kimishima said, "We didn't just intend to develop a better version of the Wii U or the 3DS. Our original idea was, 'What kind of new experience can we make?' And what we showed this time was an object that's both stationary and another version where you can take it outside and play with anyone you want."

VR for Switch?

Kimishima was also asked if the Switch will have VR capabilities. Though Kimishima said nothing further regarding other features of the Switch, fans and analysts are still believing that he has had that in his mind and would be incorporating that feature once the console finally makes its official launch.

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