Nintendo Switch' To Come With New 3D Mario Game During Launch; Latest Updates On Specs, Price And More

Fans might recall that before the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch console, insider Emily Rogers has already given several rumors and leaks regarding the much-awaited console by Nintendo that mostly turned out to be true when the console was officially revealed to the public just two weeks ago. Among the titles that were briefly showcased in the trailer was also a new 3D Mario game. From what we've seen so far on the sneak peek video, the game looks rather colorfully awesome and does look like another amazing version of the infamous Mario game series.

3D Mario Game to replace Zelda as the launch title?

Just yesterday, Rogers tweeted some new interesting information regarding this new 3D Mario. She said that she wouldn't be shocked if the game winds up being the official launch title for the Nintendo Switch, which could possibly replace Zelda: Breath of the Wild; not because of any issues or disputes with the Zelda developers, but rather due to the game's very advanced state of development. According to her, the game is practically unfinished and might not be finished the time the Nintendo Switch will hit the market.

3D Mario will be showcased on January event

She then leaked that the new 3D Mario is going to be showcased at Nintendo's upcoming January event. It will be featuring a lot more exploration compared to the traditional 3D World & Galaxy. Additionally, Rogers also gave her comments on the console's very first-party lineup for the first six to eight months, stating that it's "amazing" and "will completely blow away Nintendo Wii U's first year". If her statement proves true, this could spell very good news for Nintendo since the console already seems to have way more 3rd-party support than the Wii U.

The Switch will be powered by NVIDIA

There's still a lot more things that we do not know about the Nintendo Switch, but what we do know is that it is going to be powered by NVIDIA's Tegra technology. A more detailed rundown of the specs are not publicly available yet, but it was recently confirmed that the Switch would be powered by a Pascal-based Tegra chip. With just a handful of information regarding the console, it's pretty amazing to see how hyped people are about the upcoming Nintendo Switch. All remains to be seen for now.

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