How 'Nintendo Switch' Beats Microsoft's 'Xbox Scorpio'?

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Nintendo's upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese tech company has announced minor details yet the most significant ones about their upcoming console, which was introduced via the console's trailer. After seeing the trailer, people are more than hyped to be able to get their hands on the Switch. Some even say that the switch has ultimately beaten Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Switch was well-received by the people

The Nintendo Switch, upon it official reveal, had more media coverage than Project Scorpio, and even the PS4 Pro, in which these two are the upcoming mid-cycle consoles coming from Microsoft and Sony, respectively, between November 10 and late 2017. This update report was issued by Ico Partners, which is an online gaming consultant company who established a pretty strong research across multi-language websites and different types of magazines regarding these consoles.

Why Nintendo is receiving all the hype

According to some reports, the current buzz and hype that the Switch is receiving don't surprise most analysts that much. According to them, by preventing some major leaks from coming our way before the official reveal, Nintendo was able somehow to build a huge momentum and hype since people were waiting for months without even knowing what they are waiting for, something Sony and Microsoft were unable to do. To top it off, Project Scorpio was only hinted during in the final part of an E3 2016 media briefing which was filled with numerous other announcements.

Nintendo is looking for a huge comeback

Microsoft didn't see Nintendo coming, as it had been fixed and focused towards developing the Xbox Scorpio, as well as scouting and planning its dominance on Sony's PS4 Pro. Because of that, the Nintendo Switch was an able to creep in and generate more expectations and hype since the period of time that people were waiting for it was huge. Among other factors, fans are eager for Nintendo to make its big return in the games industry after Wii U's failure and the successful mobile strategy it has launched lately.

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