Ditto Of 'Pokemon Go' Will Be Newest Member Of Game, Articuno Nowhere To Be Found; Latest Updates On Android And iOS Game Tolerance

Niantic has officially confirmed that the Legendary Pokémon, Articuno will not have its appearance in future Pokémon Go events. At the same time, a player from Reddit and Twitter revealed that a notification from the game popped up as he was playing Pokémon Go, telling him that Legendary-Iced Pokémon will appear in an upcoming event.

Is Articuno arriving at the game?

Articuno, the Legendary Pokémon will appear in a special event, the notification mentioned. However, recent reports have shown that the notification received by the player is actually not related to Pokémon Go. Other users from Reddit were also predicting that the notification was linked to another Pokémon-themed matching game called Pokémon Shuffle, which is available both on iOS and Android devices. However, there have also been reports of sightings of the Legendary Pokémon Articuno in a Pokémon Gym in Franklin, Ohio.

Sightings of Articuno

Pokémon Go players considered whether the Articuno found in the gym was the real deal according to reports. The owner of the alleged Articuno, Kailyn Covey, said in Facebook that Niantic gave her the Pokémon as a response to her email that she sent during the first day when the game was released. Covey then speculated that Niantic gave her the Legendary Pokémon to be able to create some hype for the game in order for it to be talked about.

Other players also receiving legendary Pokémon by Niantic

Another sighting of Articuno was discovered as a hack when a trainer named Cash Kelly created a lot of confusion when he showed him a video of an egg hatching that contained a Ditto and, to which he displayed in a gym. Kailyn Covey was not the only player that was given a Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go. John Cheng also shared a photo of a Motres which he apparently also obtained as Niantic's response to his email.

Ditto will be arriving soon

Niantic employees did give hints in a recent interview that Ditto will be appearing in Pokémon Go really, really soon. The company also revealed a code found in the latest update's game files. For the meantime, Pokémon Go players will have to be patient for the generation 1 Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos to officially appear in the game.

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