Pokemon Sun And Moon Tier List Guide: Find Out Which Pokemon Are The Best, The Better And The Worst To Get

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution
Mega Evolution on Pokemon Sun and Moon entails the Mega Ring and Mega Stones. Photo : Munching Orange / YouTube

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Poke monsters are placed on tiers to determine their usefulness and effectiveness in battle. The tier classification of each Pokemon can become very challenging since some average Pokemon evolve to become one of the strongest. But unknown to some Pokemon trainers and players in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, there exist a tier called the God-tier. In this tier, the Pokemon are virtually without a fault and are the best to use if you want to win every battle. With this tier list guide, you will be able to find out which Pokemon are the best, the worst, the average and the most powerful that belongs to the God-tier.

Understanding The Pokemon Tier Classification

No two Pokemon are created equal in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Two Pokemon may have the same amount of all their stats combined but the other one may have higher Physica Damage stat compared to the other. Pokemon tiers are divided depending on the amount of Pokemon health points (HP), physical damage or attack stat (ATK), physical defense stat (DEF), special attack damage stat (SPA), special defense stat (SPD) and speed stat (SPE).

The higher the amount of each given stat, the better the Pokemon is in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Go Hub has a list of several Pokemon that are considered weak (Tier 3) and average (Tier 2) that you may want to check out. Again, take note that some Pokemon start out as weak or average Poke monsters but evolve to become one of the strongest or the fastest based on their base stats.

God-Tier Pokemon

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon belonging to the God-tier are considered as the best of the best Pokemon. This is because Pokemon belonging in this tier are virtually flawless and happens to have the best stats. They are the strongest and the fastest and come with high stats for special attacks and special defense. God-tier Pokemon are also known to have the best moves and are the ones that are very useful in every battle. You will also notice that this bunch is filled with legendary Pokemon, guardian deities and ultra beasts found in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

On top of the God-tier in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Zygarde reigns with a base stat of 708 followed by the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala with 680 base stat. Greninja has a base stat of 640 while Wishiwashi is just a little under with 620 base stat. Kommo-o, Magearna, Necrozma and Marshadow all share the base stat of 600.

Zygarde's best stats are its HP, attack and defense. Solgaleo and Lunala has good HP, attack and special attacks stat. Greninja is really fast with a high speed stat and is also great to use for attacks and special attacks. Wishiwashi has good attack, special attack and special defense stat in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Kommo-o is good with attacks, defense and special attacks. Magearna's best stats is in Special attacks, defense and special defense. Necrozma is very good to use for special attacks, attacks and defense. Marshadow also packs a good stat for attacks and speed.

 Tier 1 Pokemon

Next to the God-tier, Tier 1 Pokemon are known as the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are the next best choice if you can't get your hands on God-tier Poke monsters. Most Pokemon in this tier have already reached their final evolutions and are strong enough to fight and win island battles.

These Pokemon are very useful in battle because they are very versatile and often evolves to become even stronger in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, their attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed stats fell a little lower than the God-tier standards so they became just the 'strong' bunch. Most of the time, the core team of every player in Pokemon Sun and Moon has Tier 1 Pokemon.

On the top of the Tier 1 Pokemon are Type: Null with a base stat of 534. Incineroar, Exeggutor, Golisopod, Decidueye and Primarina all have a base stat of 530. Dhelmise even has a lower base stat at 517.

Type: Null has equal stat for everything except its speed which is low. Incineroar is best with attacks, HP and defense. Exeggutor is best with special attacks, attacks and has a high HP. Golisppod works really good with defense, attacks and special defense. Decidueye is good to use for attacks, special attacks and special defense. Primarina has high stats for special attacks, special defense and high HP. Dhelmise's best stat lie on attacks, defense and special defense.

Tier 2 Pokemon

The Tier 2 Pokemon are the average Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Compared to Pokemon found in Tier 1, the Poke monsters in this tier have already finished their evolution. These Pokemon are a more or less likely to stay as they are. They are easily replaceable and are not the best of choices when it comes to competitive play in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Tier 2 Pokemon that are under the list are Cutiefly with 304 stat, Mareanie with 305. Salandit, Rowlet, Sandygast, Litten and Popplio all have a base stat of 320. Grimer's highest stats are on its HP, attacks and defense. Popplio has better base stats for special attacks, special defense, attack and defense. Litten has high speed stat and an average attack and special attack stat.

Sandygast has defense, special attacks, attacks and HP while Rowlet has a fairly equal stat except for a low speed and high HP. Salandit's best stats are special attacks, speed and an average HP. For Mareanie, it's all about a high defense and average attacks and HP. Cutiefly is very fast with an 84 speed stat and is average when it comes to special attacks and attacks.

Tier 3 Pokemon

If there are average and strong Pokemon, then there are also weak Pokemon that makes up the list in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Usually, Pokemon in this tier are still at the beginning of their Evolution, hence the weak stats. Nevertheless, some Tier 3 Pokemon can evolve to become one of the best Pokemon upon their final evolution.

The seven weakest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon are Cosmog with only 200 total stat, Bounsweet with 210 stat, Wimpod with 230 stat, Fomantis with 250 stat, Rattata with 253 stat, Yungoos with 253 stat and Diglett with 265. If you noticed, most of the Pokemon in Tier 3 will evolve to become the most powerful in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Some of these Pokemon, like Rattata, even has an Alolan form to go with it in the Alola region.

On a breakdown, Diglett has the highest base stat and is the fastest of the listed Tier 3 Pokemon from this list. Yungoos has the best attack stat.  Rattata also has a fair speed and an average stat for attacks. Fomantis have a level stat except that is has low speed and low defense. Wimpod's saving grace is its speed. Bounsweet almost has very little stat to offer except its defense and special defense stat at 38. For Cosmog, the highest stat is its HP, followed by speed and defense.

So what do you think of the tier list? Is this helpful for your Pokemon hunting in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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